Syanko’s chicken and egg katti roll

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02 Dec 2017
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In this week’s Hunger Hunt, we sample Syanko’s moderately spicy and delightfully juicy rolls

The idea of wrapping delicious bits of meat, onions and sauces in a wrap for lunch has for sure crossed all our minds at some point. It’s such a simple concept that many of us must have even tried doing just that, particularly when our daytime lunch comprised nothing more than a couple of plain homemade rotis and some veggies. 

But the key to delicious folded rolls (‘South Asian burritos’ for some) is not merely including whatever stuffing you want in whatever kind of roll strikes your fancy. It involves cooking up just the right stuffing and packing them into wraps made just right. Much like the way rolls are served at Syanko Katti Rolls.

Visually, there is nothing elaborate about Syanko’s katti rolls. But Syanko have been serving katti rolls for so long and with such diligence, that today, the katti rolls have found a flagship spot on Syanko’s varied fast-food menu—in fact, rolls represent the Syanko brand. The reason is pretty straightforward: not only are Syanko’s rolls more presentable than other rolls, but easy to consume on the go. And they’re consistently delicious too; Syanko outlets are scattered across various busy spots of Kathmandu and Lalitpur: in Thapathali, Sankhamul, and Jawalakhel, to name a few.

At first glance, what they do in Syanko’s kitchen with their chicken and egg katti rolls can seem pretty basic. The cooks first sear the freshly pressed paratha in oil on a large flat iron skillet, or tawa. If you want eggs included in your roll, the cooks quickly whisk them in a bowl and flash-fry them omelette-style. While the paratha cooks, the main stuffing is fried on the side of the skillet. When everything is nearly done, a good amount of diced onions is quickly caramelised. Everything then comes off the pan: first the paratha, on top of which goes the omelette and then a generous squeeze of Syanko’s special sauce, followed by the caramelised onions and the main stuffing placed in a single line across the middle of the paratha. The whole thing is then neatly wrapped into a roll, and encased in a paper casing.

Having katti rolls can be a messy affair, particularly in your first few attempts. There is a specific way to hold the roll as you eat; you need to tear off the paper in spirals so as to keep your palms from getting all greasy; and you have to be particularly careful when you get to the end, as there’s a possibility of your accidentally dropping the last bits of the sauce and onions on your lap. 

It took me a few attempts to enjoy their katti rolls without making a mess. Over time, I have really taken to their chicken and egg rolls because they tend to be moderately spicy and delightfully juicy, releasing a tonne of umami flavours with each bite. The thick paratha and generous portion of grilled chicken inside really fill you up. The caramelised onions adds to that umami taste and so does Syanko’s sauce. You can dial the spiciness up and down, but go easy on the sauce, as it could be a bit overwhelming. 

There are a few other options to choose from, should you prefer other stuffings. They have spicy paneer, egg-only and a vegetarian alternative, and you could also ask for double the stuffings. My go-to roll when I am famished happens to be the double-egg and double-chicken katti roll.

Chicken and Egg Katti Roll

How much
Rs 170 

Syanko Katti Rolls
Maternity Hospital Rd,
Thapathali, Kathmandu
(Also at Sinamangal, Jawalakhel, Sankhamul)
Call: 9841027637