The fall/winter shoes upgrade

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26 Nov 2017
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Fall calls for an obligatory wardrobe overhaul with a delectable blend of the must-have winter essentials to create a comfortable yet stylish winter ensemble

Versatile, performance-driven, refined yet robust, utilitarian at its essence. Fall calls for an obligatory wardrobe overhaul, where one must absolutely equip oneself with a delectable blend of the must-have winter essentials and pay precise attention to the balance of proportions, colour combinations and clever mix of functional pieces to create a comfortable yet stylish winter ensemble. And it can be said that the same applies to your shoe rack, as the change of season naturally demands that you upgrade your footwear foundation to catch up with and adapt to the new season’s particulars.

The medium brown brogue

Often classified as the quintessential ‘day walker’, a brogue comes forth as a versatile offering that treads the fine line between formal and casual, allowing you to, say, smarten up your denims on the one hand or making your suits feel a little less formal, on the other. All the rage this winter is the versatile earthy brown brogues in the Wingtip oxford style with a comfortable rubber sole further rendered to look like a refined leather sole.

The plimsoll

Ideally not quite a sneaker, a plimsoll is a casual canvas or suede shoe with a relatively thin rubber sole. And given how it can fit with and adapt to number of winter dressing options, it’s best you consider it as a grown-up alternative to a pair of Vans or other casual kicks.

The basic black derby

The dress shoe is an absolute essential for any formal, semi-formal, red carpet or black-tie event. It’s clean, simple, elegant and uncomplicated, meaning it will help frame your outfit, rather than compete with it. And in this regard, nothing says simple and understated as a pair of a basic black derby shoes, crafted from a single piece of leather that has no marks or flaws, no toe caps or stitching. All polished, streamlined, inky simplicity perfectly made for those fall formal events. 

The high-end sneaker

The sneaker, at its essence, is the dress shoe of the street. They can easily be worn casual or smart casual, paired and styled whichever way you want. And the upside of the whole upscale-sneaker trend of the past few years is that it’s become super easy to get a sneaker that’s both really well made and really, really comfortable. And it’s the classic white sneaker, the one with the clean, minimal design, that elevates an outfit and looks good with pretty much everything you own far more than a sneaker that is too racy, colourful or over designed.

The desert boot redefined

And finally, with the desert boot version 2017—which is not as clunky or as chunky as your typical desert boot but every bit as durable and functional—the whole deal is not to think of it as a boot but rather a dress shoe that goes up past your ankle, as you could easily pair it with a navy suit for a day in the office. Or for a weekend in the woods. Your call, fellas. Your call.