24 Nov 2017
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Polaroids are back at it with some cool cameras that will help you revive your childhood fantasies

As a kid, the Polaroid camera amused me. Thanks to numerous Hollywood movies that showed actors clicking retro pictures and getting them printed instantly, I used to daydream about being able to do just that. I always wanted to get my hands on one of those shoot-and-print cameras, but never knew how or where I could get them; with time, I almost forgot about them--until the camera resurfaced in my life recently.

Polaroid Nepal, a Nepal-based tech company, has been bringing in Polaroid products for quite some time now. Polaroid is an American electronic optics company that has been manufacturing those instant-film cameras for a long time. For this week's Tech & Toys, we present to you three of their products that have caught our fancy.

Polaroid Snap

The first is the Polaroid Snap--the classic Polaroid with a modern twist. The Polaroid Snap incorporates modern features and functions without overshadowing the feel of the classic Polaroid. It represents perhaps every retrophiliac's dream.

The Polaroid Snap looks and feels great--just the right size and the perfect weight. It comes in four vibrant colours: red, blue, white and black. Just pop up its viewfinder and the camera turns on instantly. The Snap has a 10-megapixel sensor and also features a slot for a memory card (supports up to 32GB). And it's anything but hard to use. Just look through the viewfinder, capture the photo, and the Snap instantly prints the image. 

The photo is printed on a 2x3-inch piece of Zink paper, and you have three colour modes to choose from: normal, black and white, and sepia. You also have the option to go with or without the classic Polaroid border. There's also a self-timer feature, which can come in handy at times.

Polaroid Lifestyle Actioncam

Next up is the Polaroid Lifestyle, an action camera. The company is catching up with modern times with this camera. Designed for outdoor thrill seekers and those always up for some sort of activity, this actioncam is Polaroid's way of telling everyone to get out there and do something interesting and fun, and capture everything while they are at it.

The weatherproof cube-camera comes with the some interesting features, too. It's Wi-Fi enabled for ease of use and image sharing. It also come with image stabilisation, 1440p HD video recording, and it has a battery life of 107 minutes. It has an 8MP camera, with a 124-degree wide-angle lens, and a slot for a 128GB microSD card. This action cam will need to compete with the GoPro and Sony; therefore, it's difficult to say how it will perform in the market, but one can't deny that it looks great--and it even comes with funky mounts!

Polaroid Zip

The last camera on our list is the Polaroid Zip, an instant photo printer that prints any photo, anytime, anywhere. What you first need to do is connect the Zip printer wirelessly to any smartphone or tablet, via Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC. The Zip uses a dedicated mobile app (available for iOS or Android) to connect to your device, allowing you to instantly edit and print 2x3-inch full-colour photos (the same as the Polaroid Snap). With the app, you can choose the picture you want to print, edit and add filters and texts to. Just hit print and in a matter of seconds, you'll have your printed Polaroid picture.

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