Revival of the beloved checkers

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19 Nov 2017
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This season, suits, topcoats and gingham dress-shirts are all covered in squares, giving us plenty of ways to trick them out and wear them all in the now

Time to rejoice and dress all over again, fellas! A swift, new formula for instant stylishness is quickly emerging in the menswear domain this fall; this is where you dress modern, but every outfit that you put on should have at least one retro piece in the mix. Which is why we’re seeing a major retro revival of the beloved checkers all over the runways, on the backs of your favourite celebs, on tricked-out style bloggers and even at your local shopping mall. And that means suits, topcoats and gingham dress-shirts are all covered in squares, giving us plenty of ways to trick them out and wear them all in the now.

Dress to impress the boss

• If the thought of wearing a plaid suit to work for the very first time in your life makes you a little nervous, that’s completely okay. We understand. We really do. We thus recommend that you go for a checkered topcoat instead, for the right one will make a strong style statement when you catch your boss in the elevator.
• However, no matter how throwback the fabric maybe, the cut of your coat should be slim and modern, and should be determined by the needs of the contemporary times we live in. And with single- or double-breasted coats, you’ll know they’re slim enough if they still look sleek when you wear them open.

Dress to look like you’re the boss

• It’s high time you gave your solid, minimal suits a few days off and found a checked one that’s cut short and skinny. Remember: the fit of the suit should be sharper than your selfie jawline.
• Next, put on some 2017 accessories, like a skullcap (if you’re brave enough to rock them), and some Chelsea boots to work. They’ll help balance out the retro feel of the suit.
• Once you’re done racking up all the compliments you can carry, wear the checkered pants and jacket separately. And start a whole new compliment-receiving session all over again.


• When we say checks are everywhere this season, we don’t mean just on suits. They can be found on trench coats too, and on backpacks and snapbacks and desert boots and more, if you look hard enough.
• If normcore isn’t your thing, this is the way to win this season. Start by committing a simple rule to memory: Anytime you wear a busy suit, go for a solid shirt.
• While slouchy suits were all the norm in the past, these days, everyone’s going for a suit that fits like an armour.
• Lastly, we love light- and dark-checked suits equally, as if they were our children. Nevertheless, a darker version will always look more badass. Always.