The ultimate Hunger Hunt dish: naanwiches at Sal’s Pizza

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18 Nov 2017
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A humble pizzeria in Lazimpat bakes localised pizzas with Nepali-style pickle as pizza sauce, but we love their naanwiches even more than their pizzas

Had it not been for Google Maps, it would have been impossible to find Sal’s Pizza. It’s tucked away in probably the most unsuspecting house inside residential Lazimpat. And if it weren’t for the friendly local shopkeepers you meet along the lane next to Angan Sweets, the only way to find Sal’s would have been to follow the whiff of baked cheese and oregano escaping from the pizzeria’s front door, which you won’t be able to find unless you take the first right on that lane. Follow that second lane and walk a little, and on your right, you should find a house with a small compound and a signboard that says Sal’s. 

The small garden in the premises leads up to the front door of this pizzeria. You might come across two dogs and a cat (the dogs are friendlier than you might assume; the cat, however, is just too self-occupied to give you any attention). This place is home to delicious and reasonably priced pizzas (prices range from Rs 250 to Rs 450). There are nine different localised varieties of pizza, and one special kind: The Nepali Fireball, which comes with crushed pickle made of baked tomatoes and dalle khursani. What’s more, you can even create your own pizzas by choosing veg and non-veg toppings. Prices for these customised pizzas start at Rs 225, but you are encouraged to negotiate the prices with the friendly staff at Sal’s. 

Pizzas will probably be the first thing you’ll be recommended by Sal’s staff, but there’s another dish here that, in my opinion, is better than the pizzas. Naanwich, it’s called. It’s like a pizza, but it’s also a sandwich, and you have Nepali style naans for the dough—or the bread, for that matter. 

What they do to create this dish is bake two eggs, a whole lot of mozzarella and pizza toppings over a naan instead of regular pizza dough, and then fold the entire thing in half so that it resembles a sandwich. You can choose from three varieties: the first is called The Declan and comes with two omelettes, sausages, ham, cheese, onions and mushrooms; the second is the Dealer’s Choice, for which customers get to customise their Naanwich; and the third, and probably the best one, is The Fireball Redux (it’s like the aforementioned Nepali Fireball Pizza), which comes with two eggs, cheese, two meat toppings of your choice and a spicy hot pickle called Ramesh’s achaar.

I picked the Fireball Redux and it came presented fabulously, with generous bits of spicy buff and salami toppings stuffed inside gorgeous-looking eggs. The whole thing is doused in warm, semi-liquid mozzarella—but without oregano—which gives it a brilliant Nepali taste. The naan wrapping is thick, crispy on the outside, and fluffy and soft inside. The whole dish is cut into four pieces so that it can be had easily, and from each piece oozes juices from the meat and the cheese. There’s also the unmistakable and inescapable smack of Ramesh’s achaar, which really holds the dish together in terms of flavour. 

There’s no complaining when it comes to the fiery pickle because it possesses a distinct taste that gives it a very palatable character, something that adds to the already local taste of the Fireball Redux. Add to that its scrumptious cheese, meaty stuffing and eggs, and you have for yourself the ultimate hunger-hunting dish. 

The Fireball Redux Naanwich

How much
Rs 290

Lazimpat, Kathmandu
01 - 4441815

Opening hours 
8:30 am till 9:30 pm