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13 Nov 2017
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The Pump recently hosted a fitness event that showed how people can come together and make workouts fun

Any #fitbody who has been keeping up with the trends in the fitness world would know the benefits of lifting. Time and again, research has shown that pumping some iron during your sweat session helps to improve your strength, aids in building lean muscles and enhances metabolism. This week, I caught up with Saprina Shrestha, manager of The Pump, Jhamsikhel, to talk about the third iteration of Pump Fest Lifting and Circuit Competition, which took place recently.

The Third Pump Fest Lifting and Circuit Competition

Despite consensus among fitness experts that lifting does not necessarily lead to muscle bulking, many people still harbour this misconception. With the aim to change such notions about lifting, The Pump decided to conceptualise the idea for an event that highlighted the actual benefits of bodybuilding. The Pump Fest (which now takes place every six months) was thus initiated to support the idea of building strength by focusing on powerlifting and circuit training. According to Shrestha, although a competitive spirit is a must for any competition, the event is more a platform for people to come together and encourage each other to believe that ‘fitness is a lifestyle and not just a trend’. 

Together in fitness

Over the three editions of the event, the team has certainly managed to bring people together by rallying them around the issue of fitness. This time around, the event saw participants not only from Nepal but also from countries such as Canada and Australia. A total of 41 #fitbodies took part in various categories, representing various well-known fitness centres from Kathmandu, such as Gymkhana, The Physique Workshop, Rage Fitness, Fitness First and The Pump itself. 

A day to remember

At the event, the competitors showed off their fitness levels along with some of the audience members who were given the opportunity to do so. “The audience expressed great interest in being a part of the event, and so we gave them the opportunity in categories such as 50 push ups, squats and 20 tyre flips,” says Shrestha. “I believe that such levels of interaction and engagement from the audience make the event all the more special and help set it apart from other fitness events.’’

What’s next?

According to Shrestha, the recent edition of the event was definitely bigger and better than the previous ones and that the team has received encouraging responses. For the fourth edition of the event, the team hopes to take it to the next level by bringing in more contestants from both the national and international arenas and increasing the number of entries of participants. 

(If you are interested to know more about and/or be a part of the Pump Fest, you can contact The Pump, Gyanmandala, Jhamsikhel)