07 Nov 2017
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From the Archive (Nov, 2016): Watch Nikhita Thapa, Utpal Kandel and Hemanta Kanchha Rasaily perform ‘If I Die Young’ by The Band Perry

The original features an acoustic guitar, an accordion, drums, a bass and a mandolin. In Thapa’s version, the textures provided by Rasaily’s and Kadel’s instruments provide a slightly more pensive but equally rich backdrop. And while in the original, Kimberly’s timbre is slightly huskier, Thapa here takes the more delicate route.

Rasaily is a professional sarangi player who has performed in many music programmes and competitions. Utpal Kandel has performed many gigs around town and contributed to a number of background scores for Nepali movies. It is with Kandel that Thapa does covers of songs they upload to YouTube. 

As for Thapa, she started gaining public recognition when she released her eponymous debut album in late 2014. Not only did it receive good reviews from critics and audiences alike, but also got nominated for 11 categories at Image Music Awards 2015. She was able to bag four awards, including the ones for Best Female Singer, Best Duet and Album of the Year categories.

Thapa, daughter of an Indian armyman was born and raised in India. Even as a child, she had a very developed passion for music, and she took informal music lessons from her father. Later, she undertook formal training in music and is a Hindustani classical music Visharad.

Location Courtesy: The Societé Lounge and Bar

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