Plyometrics to improve muscle power, strength and speed

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31 Oct 2017
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From the Archive (May, 2016): Plyometrics trains our brains to activate more muscle fibres quickly, which helps with balance, efficiency, speed and power

Comprising quick and explosive moves that contract our muscles over a short time period, Plyometrics trains our brains to activate more muscle fibres quickly, which helps with our balance, efficiency, speed and power. It is worth noting that this regimen is challenging and full of high-intensity moves like jumping and sprinting. Thus, before incorporating these in your daily workout routine, please consider these factors:

This routine is not designed for beginners. If you are not familiar with regimens like strength training, then it is advised that you first consult an experienced trainer to help you with things like safe landing. This is a very important aspect of performing Plyometrics safely.

Have back or joint problems? This may not be the best workout for you.

Want a workout that focuses on your core? Well, plyometrics places more emphasis on upper and lower body strength and the core is not specifically targeted.

If you’ve gone down that checklist, it’s time to get started on some exercises that will help improve your flexibility and boost your muscle power. Go on and try out some of these moves.

Squat Jumps

I am sure you have noticed how I just love including squats in any workout routine. That’s because they work out the entire body, and there is no reason not to do them.

TRY: Get into the squat position and perform a squat as usual. Jump up (directly vertical) and fully extend your arms and legs; keep your toes pointed. When you land, lower your arms and bend your knees back to a squat. Do 8-12 reps, or as desired.

Tuck Jumps

Another explosive move that is sure to activate various muscle groups is the tuck jump.

TRY: Stand with both feet together. Jump straight up while bringing your knees to the chest (tuck them). Extend legs back down before landing in a semi-squat or full squat position. Do 8-12 reps, or as desired.

Overhead Throws

This move is great for working your arms.

TRY: Grab a medicine ball and stand at a distance in front of a wall. With one foot in front and knees slightly bent, move the medicine ball back behind your head and throw the ball forward with force as far as possible and onto the wall. Catch the ball when it bounces off the wall. Repeat as desired. NOTE: This can be done with your fitness buddy instead of a wall.

Single Leg Lateral Moves

Time to do a lower body move.

TRY: Start by standing on one leg with your hands on your waist. Hop to your right while ensuring that you maintain your balance and hop back to the starting position. Hop to your left and then back to the starting position. Repeat as desired.  Change legs and continue the same motion.


  • Fitness fanatics can zest up their workout by including other advanced Plyometrics moves like clap pushups, box jumps and sprints.
  • If you have never tried Plyometrics, then please start slow. Do fewer reps and gradually increase them.
  • You need not be inside a gym to do many of these moves. You can also choose to do them in the comfort of your home or outdoors with your fitness partners