An unconventional take on the beloved military trend

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29 Oct 2017
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Pop some colours, texture, twisted style, sleek silhouettes with rugged accessories and some formal detailing in your military-inspired outfits this season

An unconventional take on the beloved military trend is called upon for this fall. The rugged man demands a massive overhaul of his military-inspired outfits and ensembles as he prepares himself to win the battle royale of all reigning styles this season.

1. Colour

The first thing that usually comes to mind with any military-themed style or fashion is camouflage. And while camo has been reimagined a number of times over the last few years—many versions of which are truly innovative and modern—we say it has no place here. It, in fact, becomes too much of a cliché, so we’d rather you draw on military-inspired colours instead: olive, forest green, sand, clay and other earth-like shades.

2. Texture

To achieve a look that is both rugged and luxurious, the best thing to do is introduce texture into your look, either in the form of rough, distressed textiles, knitwear, ribbing or quilting details. Throw in some woolly
surfaces or even a piece or two with a satin sheen, like a nylon jacket or a bomber, and the whole look suddenly becomes more elevated. In all cases, remember that your textile choices should be referencing military themes at all times.

3. Twisted Style

Elsewhere, the line between costume and fashion can get a bit fine. So the best thing to do is to modernise the look by introducing contemporary elements. In place of trousers, why not go for man leggings or skinny leather jeans as a counterpoint to the shape of your coat? Or add some drama by opting for a really modern tech-coat or even an overcoat. Lastly, don’t just think of military as a blanket theme. Do some research and take inspiration from the various iterations of military style around the world.

4. Sleek Silhouettes

Likewise, the overall look you ought to be going for should be fitting, sleek and elongated. Again, the use of coats is imperative to achieving this, as anything too oversized or voluminous will take away from the effect and make you look quite dowdy. Remember, your ultimate aim is to invoke a sense of refined military elegance.

5. Rugged Accessories

Finally, a great way to pull everything together is through the use of accessories. To go more rugged, tie in some military-inspired scarves, beanies or other headgear. A leather backpack or a satchel can add some beef to the look, too. A few vintage badges can also take your look in an interesting direction. Just don’t go overboard.

6. Formal Detailing

All in all, this is fashion. The last thing you want from your rugged look is a clichéd reproduction of a military uniform or, worse, to end up looking like some backwater bumpkin scouring the wild for a free meal. Formal military detailing, particularly on coats and jackets, is a great way to add a sense of regality to your look. Combined with other items it can either go quite punk or casual chic.