Upgrade your winter wardrobe

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15 Oct 2017
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This season, sweaters and knits count as staples for any given functional and well-curated men’s wardrobe

You have no excuse not to upgrade your winter warmer wardrobe this brand new season, especially when sweaters and knits count as staples for any given functional and well-curated men’s wardrobe. In this week’s column, we teach you how to weave the woven stuff into every aspect of your personalised style.

1. The macho streak

So you’re quintessentially a man’s man. And before we say that don’t impress us much, here are some ways to embrace your wild side without losing the polished touch. 

  • In the army: Your fast track to military style is through a palette of forest and military greens or even olive tones.
  • Urban tonic: Remember, we’re not going for full military here, but just a hint of it. Denim is an easy way to bring the look back from the wild and into the city.
  • Keeping it classic: Finally, don’t go for the expected. Rather than wearing a pair of work or desert boots, aim higher and pick a pair of classic brogues or dress boots. Also consider items like turtlenecks and fair-isle knits. These help make the look way more sophisticated. 

2. Graphic content

  • Art block: All in all, this look is all about the intelligent motif. So find something that references a modern   art movement, say like Bauhaus, Pop or Constructivism. After all, this is a fun but thoughtful way to bring some attention to what you’re wearing.
  • Calling it clean: When making use of playful prints, be careful not to look too juvenile. You’re aiming for arty intellectual, rather than wacky art student.
  • The contrasts: Wear lighter trousers and a matching shirt to create a good canvas or frame for the garment. If the sweater motif is bold, offset it against a subtle micro-print shirt motif.

3. Power moves

Finally, for the dominant male who keeps it tight and likes his wardrobe to make a deep impact, make sure you pair that hard and tough aesthetic with some refined touch of elegance.

  • E is for elegance: You don’t want to look like a bouncer. Period. So bring in some more sophisticated details to polish the look up and take it to the next level. Metallic accessories work well, as do clean and simple statement belts—say, leather with metal clasps. Elsewhere, traditional hats are also optional.
  • Semi-suited: This is a great way to make use of your suit pants without going for the full suited look. Stick to traditional office colours, grey and navy, but also experiment with dark browns.