Automate your lifestyle with smart gadgets from Home Automation Nepal

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13 Oct 2017
4 min read
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We review the Smart Wifi Remote Control Magic Cube, the Smart Wifi Socket and the Smart Wifi Camera from Orvivo

At first blush, the gadgets on display at Home Automation Nepal don’t look like much, but these little toy-like devices—a fancy-looking cube, a modern-day wall socket, a cute little camera—are packed with automated features that will certainly make your life a whole lot simpler and easier.

The three devices that we picked—a part of residential-lifestyle gadgets that automate homes and offices—are from a company called Orvivo, and they are marketed, distributed and maintained by Home Automation Nepal. Each of these devices are smart gadgets and what they essentially do for you is eliminate certain hassles and automate everyday tasks at home.

The aforementioned fancy-looking cube, called Smart Cube, is tiny and unassuming; but the tabletop gadget can replace all your remote controls. It is essentially a universal remote control for all your electronic devices at home, and that’s not all it does. Since it is a ‘smart’ cube, you can control it with your smartphone via an app called HomeMate. Download the app, pair your smartphone with the cube, connect all the devices with remotes to the app, and you control everything with a touch on your phone. Both your phone and the cube must be connected to the internet for that to happen, which means you can even control things when you're away from home, as long as you have internet access. It’s not just controlling that this cube does, though. 

You can even set up timers for each day so that you don’t have to keep turning on and off things like your TV, home theatre and air conditioners.
But what about devices that don’t have any remote controls and IR transmitters? For those devices, there is the Smart Wi-Fi Socket. You plug it into your wall socket and then connect devices like fans, water heaters, air purifiers, among others, into this smart socket, which stays connected to your home Wi-Fi. The rest happens on your phone. Through the same app, you can remotely control the operation of the smart socket. You can either turn it on or off, and also set timers or working hours for your non-remote-controlled devices (like your phones, laptops and cameras, so that they don’t overcharge) and other appliances (like your room heaters, boilers, teapots and fans so that they don’t keep running when not needed).

Then there is the Smart Wi-Fi Camera, which looks like a fancy webcam, but has entirely different functions. It works in pretty much the same way as the previous two devices, except that its primary function is to monitor your room or office over a Wi-Fi connection. It is particularly useful if you have toddlers, or anyone/anything that needs to be monitored, without your being physically present. It also transmits audio to and from your phone, which is helpful in case you need to communicate with or provide instructions to the person in the room.

Besides these three smart automation devices, Home Automation Nepal provides counselling on sales, installation and maintenance of a wide range of other smart devices that automate homes and offices in small and large scales. They mostly cater to high-end residences and large offices, but from this year on, they are also looking to cater to medium-size households here in Nepal. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page, where you can find other devices like Smart LPG leak detectors, video door-phones, smart lighting-units and smart door-locks.

Functions of the Smart WiFi Remote Control Magic Cube (Rs 6,500)

  • Remote control for almost all IR-enabled devices (from your smartphone)
  • Supports more than 8,000 devices and appliances around the world and 95 per cent of all IR appliances in the market
  • Phone control/ smart timer/ scene set/ code-storage
  • Powerful 360° infrared signalling

Functions of the Smart Wi-Fi Socket (Rs 5,000) 

  • Operates from your smartphone
  • Timer setting
  • Scene connection
  • Power-saving reminder

Functions of the Orvivo Smart Wi-Fi Camera (Rs 7,750)

  • Indoor security camera that captures an expansive area of your property
  • You can place your home or office on your phone’s screen and pay close attention to baby, pets, elders; helps you communicate with your employees
  • Super night-vision, sound detection and night security
  • Motion-activated
  • 113° field of view
  • Two-way audio transmission
  • Supports cloud recording

    **All devices require HomeMate App