Fun-filled fitness events

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09 Oct 2017
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One common addition to almost every fitness centre in Kathmandu is Zumba, and adding to its already popular image are Zumba parties

Many a fitness centre has mushroomed in Kathmandu over the last few years. And to stay on top of the game, these fitness centres are continually upgrading their services by tweaking their existing fitness programmes or by introducing new ones altogether. One common addition to almost every fitness centre in Kathmandu is Zumba, and as someone who is very plugged into the fitness industry, I can tell that Zumba is here to stay. And adding to its already popular image are Zumba parties.

What is a fitness party?

By fitness party, I am not referring to events thrown by fitness clubs to commemorate their anniversaries or some festival. Fitness parties are parties in the true sense of the word. The idea behind these parties is to take the ‘work’ out of the workout, and make exercising an enjoyable affair for everyone—at least for one day. A typical fitness party includes the following:

Zumba marathon

Instructors from various gyms come together and instruct huge groups to Zumba-dance to one or two songs. This prevents monotony in the class and the attendees get to experience Zumba with new instructors. This marathon session usually lasts for about 90 minutes. 

Snacks and lunch/dinner

As with any other party, a Zumba fitness party also includes food and drinks. Attendees get to indulge in various snacks, and later, after working up an appetite, get to have a full-blown dinner (usually a buffet).

The party updates

It’s hard to miss out on any party updates, as plenty of pictures will be uploaded onto social media. 

The fashion statement

I still remember how fitness fashion was all the rage when these fitness parties were just gaining traction. Both instructors and members donned the latest in fitness fashion.

Pioneers of the Zumba fitness party

So, how and when did these Zumba fitness parties start? The ladies at Next Step Fitness and Training Centre (NSF), Lazimpat, have been organising these fitness parties for quite some time now. According to NSF’s Shova Gurung, their centre started hosting such parties to spread awareness about Zumba fitness (which was then in its infancy), to promote their gym/s and to provide both members and instructors with an opportunity to bond beyond the confines of their classes, and have a good time together. Today, their fitness party has become a regular annual event.

The trend

So that’s how the trend took off, and many fitness centres and instructors soon jumped on the fitness-party bandwagon. Shova Gurung is of the opinion that many fitness centres have simply followed the trend and haven’t made efforts to better these parties. Sure, the parties are fun, and members almost always have a good time, but with so many of these parties being organised every year, one expects improvements over time. “The organisers should focus on better managing these events and introducing new elements to them,” says Gurung. 

Worth the hype?

I’ve attended many of these fitness parties, and I think they’re a fantastic way to get #fitbodies to come together and enjoy working out in a totally different, more fun setting. However, it’s high time that the #zumbacommunity came together to introduce new elements to this trend. For example, fitness centres could come together to organise what’s called a Zumbathon. This includes moving and grooving to Zumba music for charity, which gives the event a purpose, and the collected funds are used towards a good cause, lending the event a sense of purpose.