The future is simple, lighter, flexible, bold, rough and relaxed

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08 Oct 2017
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The end goal of all menswear is comfort. And, comfort, in essence, is another permutation of style

Pairing classic tones and colours with new and happening styles of fit and textures, fashion, this new season, is all about the things that are yet to come, and it is here that we help you find the aesthetics of tomorrow you ought to be wearing today.

The future is simple

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re clearly heading towards a refinement in men’s style, which isn’t exactly turning minimalist, but is getting cleaner, simpler and less complicated. This means that our relationship with colours also takes on a more emotional role. Thus, tonal dressing brings with it a serenity and clarity of focus.

The future is lighter

Likewise, typical modes of styling are no longer restricted to specific seasons alone. Thanks to advancements in fabric technology, it is now possible to build a layered look comprising lightweight and functional versions of winterwear.

The future is flexible

We’re moving away from restrictive fashion that serves mere aesthetic functions. And it’s not just the fit that’s an issue. We need and seek functional wardrobes with durable construction and intelligent-fabric blends that allow for increased mobility.

The future is bold

Even with this refinement in style, the pieces that attract us in the future will become stronger and bolder in design, granting us the ability to wear them as statement pieces rather than as additional ‘noise’ generators.

The future is rough

Texture and print are being featured more than ever in menswear, leading us away from simple, or even gimmicky, surface designs to ones that truly echo the landscapes with which we connect.

The future is relaxed

Ultimately, the end goal of all menswear is comfort, which doesn’t just mean the physical sensation of ease, or an effortless way to put things on. Comfort, in essence, is another permutation of style. If the clothes we wear don’t fairly represent and empower us, if they don’t provide physical and emotional support, then we are the ones being worn.