VMAG takes a quick peek at Tata’s newest mega showroom

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06 Oct 2017
4 min read
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We review some of Tata’s best wheels at Tata’s latest showroom

With the festive season in mind, we decided to drop by Tata’s newest mega-showroom to take a closer look at Tata’s top holiday offerings this year. The showroom is one of the largest of its kind in Kathmandu, with a whooping 6,150 sq ft of space and a massive 3,900 sq ft of exhibition space. 

Tata Tigor

First up, we have the Tata Tigor. The Tigor is the latest offering from Tata, and hence, the most recent addition to the showroom. Tata says that the Tata Tigor is one of the most affordable compact sedans in the country.
Mileage: 24.70 kmpl; Fuel type: Petrol; Fuel tank: 35 litres; Engine: 1199cc; Max horsepower: 85Ps @ 6000rpm; Max torque: 114Nm @ 3500rpm; Number of cylinders: 3; Gears: 5-speed; Power steering: Yes; Seating capacity: 5; Boot Space: 419 litres; Safety features: ABS (anti-lock braking system) with EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) and CSC (corner stability control);
Entertainment: ConnectNext infotainment system by Harman

Tata Tiago

Up next is the Tata Tiago—a preppy and affordable hatchback from Tata—which, due to its size and functionality, is perfect for everyday use. We reviewed this little devil a while back. So if you want to read or watch the full review, visit our website or our YouTube channel.
Mileage: 27.28 kmpl; Fuel type: Petrol; Fuel tank: 35 litres; Engine: 1199cc; Max horsepower: 85Ps @ 6000rpm; Max torque: 114Nm @ 3500rpm; Number of cylinders: 3; Gears: 5-speed manual; Seating capacity: 5; Boot space: 242 litres; Safety features: ABS with EBD and corner stability control; Entertainment: ConnectNext Infotainment System by Harman

Tata Zest

Third on our list is the Tata Zest, another compact sedan from the Tata lineup. It looks very contemporary and is being marketed as a family car with a touch of luxury.
Engine: Petrol, turbocharged MPFi; Number of cylinders: 4; Transmission: Manual; Engine: 1193cc; BHP: 88.7bhp@5000rpm; Torque: 140Nm @ 1500–4000rpm; Drive modes: Sport, Eco, City; Mileage (city): 13.57 kmpl; Steering: EPAS (electric power assisted steering); Safety features: ABS with EBD and CSC; Entertainment: ConnectNext Infotainment System by Harman

Tata E-xeta

It seems like Tata’s lineup is teeming with hatchbacks, and frankly, hatchbacks are what suit our roads the best. So, here’s another great option: the Tata E-xeta.
Engine: 1193cc; Engine power: 65PS @ 5000rpm; Torque: 100Nm@2700rpm; Transmission: Manual; Gears: 5-speed; Wheelbase: 2400mm; Fuel tank: 37 litres; Mileage: 17 kmpl

Tata Sumo

We now go for the big boys, and by big boys, I mean the utility vehicles that Tata is famous for. Here, we have the Tata Sumo, which comes with a few modifications to make it look more aggressive and muscular.
Engine: 2956cc, 3L CR4 engine; Max Power: 85PS @ 3000rpm; Max Torque: 250 Nm @ 1000–2000rpm; Ground clearance: 182mm; Front suspension: Double wishbone type with coil springs & anti-roll bar; Rear suspension: Salisbury-type rear axles with parabolic leaf springs and anti-roll bar; Turning radius: 5 metres; Length, weight, height: 4258mm x 1700mm x 1925mm; Wheelbase: 2425mm; Front brakes: Disc; Rear brakes: Drum; Clutch diameter: 260mm; Fuel-tank capacity: 65 litres

Tata Storme

To round out this impressive lineup, we have the Tata Storme. This SUV is being referred to by Tata as the real SUV, and promises the best performance on roads and off them.
Engine: 2179cc; Maximum power: 140bhp @ 4000rpm; Maximum torque: 320 Nm @ 1700–2700rpm; Gearbox: G-76 (Mark II); Mileage: 13 kmpl; Ground clearance: 200 mm; Boot space: 981 litres; Fuel-tank capacity: 55 litres; Mileage: 9 kmpl

(Photos by Aayush Shrestha)