Ruslan Chill Companion: Nishant Shah

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06 Oct 2017
3 min read
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In this week’s Ruslan Chill Companion, Shah developed a classic cocktail called Blue Lagoon

Nishant Shah has been working as a bartender at Embers Restaurant in Pulchowk for over four years. The head of the bartending team, Shah believes that a bartender should always work on refining his bartending skills and strive to learn more about mixing drinks. 

Shah’s mixology philosophy

Shah says that customer satisfaction is paramount. He adds that it is equally important to maintain the standard of any bar by maintaining bar hygiene and catering to the need of customers. He also says that bartenders, besides being hospitable, should be knowledgeable and know as much as possible about the drink they are making.

Shah’s mixology chops

For this week’s Cocktails, Shah created a classic cocktail called Blue Lagoon. This drink is mostly preferred in summer, but people often visit Embers to order a glass or two of this drink during all seasons. And why wouldn’t they? A mild and rejuvenating drink like Blue Lagoon is always a treat when one needs some refreshment. To prepare this drink, Shah mixed vodka with Blue Curacao, Sprite and lemon juice. He then added a few chunks of sliced lemon before throwing in some ice cubes. Shah finished by shaking the mixture for a while before pouring it into a glass tumbler.

(Photos by Nirnit Tandukar)