Nirvana Fitness: the balance between exercise, breathing and sound

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25 Sep 2017
4 min read
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Nirvana Fitness, a breath-focused exercise regimen, will teach you how to breathe properly even beyond the confines of the gym

In today’s fast-paced world, we are increasingly becoming more aware of the need to opt for enjoyable exercise regimens that provide holistic benefits.  Yoga is one such exercise. This week, I am going to introduce to you another one of such novel regimens, known as Nirvana Fitness.

Nirvana Fitness

Nirvana Fitness primarily focuses on sufficient oxygenation. This form of fitness focuses on exercise, breathing and sound. The creators of this routine say that many illnesses—ranging from hypertension and insomnia to heart diseases—are caused by chronic oxygen-deprivation. And with this in mind, Nirvana Fitness aims to raise awareness about wrong, shallow and inefficient breathing, and teach people ‘correctional breathing’ to prevent stress-induced diseases. 

The workout is relatively new, but has already found a niche in the US, the UK and various countries in both Asia and Europe. 

Nirvana Fitness in Nepal 

Nirvana Education Expert and Education Specialist Meera Nair trained a group of instructors in Pokhara last year, and she recently conducted another training workshop in Kathmandu. This means that you can now experience this revolutionary breathing-fitness regimen here in Kathmandu. One of the pioneering instructors of this workout here is Rosy Pun of Niraamayae Fitness and Academy. She says that her goal is to promote Nirvana Fitness practice in Nepal, especially in places where people could be experiencing high stress-levels, such as in educational institutions and corporate houses. In the meantime, she will be conducting the first few classes at Niraamayae Fitness and Academy.

Why Nirvana?

“Whenever we instructors have new clients for any workout, there are many precautions that we need to take. But it’s different with Nirvana Fitness. Since better oxygenation benefits everyone, it is suitable for all, regardless of age, ailments and/or fitness level,” says Pun. 

Additionally, the class design and the choreography employed aids in making newbies feel extremely at ease. Further, as Pun puts it, “A session is guaranteed to lift up your spirits and reduce your overall stress level.”

A Nirvana Fitness Class

The philosophy of Nirvana Fitness is that correctional breathing should be part of your lifestyle and extend beyond the class to every aspect of your life. This is something I learned during the class, because of which I’ve become more conscious about my breathing. Throughout the session, I practised various breathing techniques that led to experiences of overall calm, and I also reached new insights about my breathing patterns. Moreover, the yoga/pilates moves that were performed in sync with the music helped me relax more. 

My verdict 

Would I go for another class? Yes. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely. The entire philosophy behind Nirvana Fitness is ensuring that people meditate on the movements they are making, and this was perfect for me, since meditating while maintaining a position is an uphill task for me. That’s why I’m looking forward to more of these classes, to iron out the kinks in my routine. 

(Photos by Nirnit Tandukar)