Suiting: Rebooted

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17 Sep 2017
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We turn the classic modern art of suiting on its head with our all-encompassing guide that features idiosyncratic, off-centre and quirky combinations

We turn the classic modern art of suiting on its head with our all-encompassing guide that features idiosyncratic, off-centre and quirky combinations. Here, we suggest ways to make things easy and effortless by breaking down and simplifying the art of suiting up for any and everyday use. So keep reading and get dressing, fellas!

Blaze with an edge

To start with it, a blazer, in its essence, is not there purely just to smarten up your look; it, in fact, ought to and must have a personality of its own. And it’s here that subtlety is of key. Thus, look for one-of-a-kind, unique details that help add a punk-rock twist to your smart separates, like say, raw hemlines, frayed lapel edges or unconventional, unexpected pockets.

Traditions on update

When referencing tradition, there is no stronger reminder of the past than a check suit, be it a Prince of Wales, windowpane, Glen check, tartan or the Tattersall style. The modern twist to these varieties is that they’re now more streamlined, more graphic and bolder in colour.

Slim is in

A tailored suit is an instant throwback to heritage suiting. Thus, these days, many off-the-rail suits come in precise, slim cuts that aren’t too skinny, and they also do away with the bulk and excess fabric of your normcore, regular suiting.

New style lines

When fitting a new suit, pay close attention to style lines. Don’t be fooled into thinking that modern suits necessarily have to be of a certain fit, cut or length in order to be current. Today’s suits come in many modern and retro styles, be it cropped, tapered, flared, high-waisted or pleated.

Unusual pattern combos

What can really make a suit modern is the combination of print motifs. Certain styles, like polka dots, tend to be whimsical, while others, like diagonal stripes, are more conservative. And the combination of the two can be punk rock à la youthful.

Sneaking in the sneakers

While wearing sneakers with a suit might not be a grand revelation to you, we cannot over-emphasise just how modern this combo is. Pick statement styles in bold single colours to add a youthful contrast to your suit. Likewise, look for details like studs or metallic options to give your look a futuristic edge.

Ironic accessories

Elsewhere, have some fun with traditional suiting by adding dramatic accessories, like umbrellas, bowler hats and driving gloves. They’ll add clout, make you look lavish and show that you know how to have fun with your fashion.

Knits for shirts

You don’t have to wear a shirt with a suit. Tweak your reality slightly by opting for modern knitwear, like a roll neck, instead. These are a hit in men’s fashion, with the most modern choices being cropped, plain or sipped at the collar.

Classic colours revisited

Finally, take the time to be inspired by the colours associated with the house of Burberry. Why? Because the famed British heritage label has successfully given new life to British heritage style by subverting the traditional suiting template. It’s the perfect example of how classic can be contemporary. So, work in a palate of white, black, brown, red, grey and beige to evoke a sense of history in these times of modernity.