Dining Park: An oasis in Baneshwor

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11 Sep 2017
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Dining Park provides a unique dining experience owing to its experienced chefs and a crew comprising hotel-management grads

With its idyllic ambience and eclectic menu offerings, Dining Park Restaurant and Lounge Bar—our recent find—has become the ‘go-to’ spot for foodies. The multi-cuisine restaurant, which is housed in a repurposed residential premises, offers dishes from seven different countries. And because the restaurant is ensconced inside a compound with gardens, it feels like an oasis in the middle of chaotic New Baneshwor. 

Background and beginnings

Established in December 2016, this restaurant was initially founded as a hotel school for students studying Hotel Management so that they would have a place to intern at and work. The idea was to have a stint here to improve their practical skills while also allowing them to transition smoothly into their careers. But because there was a dearth of quality eateries in the area, Dining Park was  turned into a restaurant and lounge to meet that market gap.
Multi-purpose design Dining Park’s target customers typically include families, expats and businessmen, amongst others. Owing to the variety of customers that frequent this place, Dining Park has several sub-units: a coffee & bakery hub, a bar, a fine-dining area, a private-dining area and a banquet hall. The private dining rooms can also be used by professionals looking to host small conferences, and families can enjoy quiet time in the fine-dining area or lounge in the garden. 

Service is key

There are several features that have allowed Dining Park to gain a loyal clientele: the ambience, live music and barbecue nights on Fridays, and so on; but the one defining feature the patrons keep bringing up is the service. Hospitality is something the restaurant does not compromise on—since almost all of the 70 staff members are hotel management graduates. This restaurant also goes the extra mile to keep improving their service. After their meal, the customers are given a comment card, where they can write their review of the restaurant. At the end of each day, the managers go through the feedback and implement them accordingly.  

The Chef

The restaurant’s executive chef, Prem Thapa, started his career in 1987, from Hotel Narayani. He worked for more than seven years under several executive chefs before he became one himself. He then proceeded to work at Nepal’s top hotels and restaurants such as Marcopolo Business Hotel, Royal Casino and Hotel Manang, among others. Because of his experience, the restaurant can boast a menu offering so many different cuisines. The sous-chef at Dining Park is no slouch either, having previously worked at the Ghar-e-Kabab restaurant in Hotel Annapurna. 

Food specials

Dining Park’s menu currently has over 250 offerings of Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, Continental and other dishes, with the most popular cuisines here being Chinese and Continental. Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes are Beijing Duck with Black Bean, Hoisin Chicken and Crispy Pork in Pepper Chilli. 

Expanding horizons

Because the restaurant tends to get extremely packed in the evenings, takeaways are a popular alternative. The restaurant actively makes use of the reservation system, as on certain days, such as Fridays, it is almost impossible to secure a table here without a reservation. Because of the increase in popularity of this restaurant, there have been talks of expanding; it is very likely that there will be another Dining Park Restaurant and Lounge Bar in the near future.