Break away from your monotonous workout session

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16 Aug 2017
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From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Try incorporating these ways into your weight-training regimen to help you reduce that stored fat and become much stronger
Hitting a plateau means that your body has adapted to your workout, making it harder to see results. Here are some ways to switch up your weight-training regimen and continue shocking your body to store less fat and become much stronger.

Change your weights and reps

This strategy can help you get new strength gains and also prevents a monotonous workout session. However, this does not mean that you should be changing your weights as and when you want.

TRY : Keep track of the weight that you are lifting. Once you find that you can do more reps with the same weight, increase the amount of iron you are pumping but drop your reps.

Change the type of resistance

This is pretty simple. If you have been weight training on machines, switch things up by involving free weights. The same applies vice versa; if you usually do free weights, try cable machines such as the Cable Crossover.

Increase intensity

Increased intensity equals more muscles. Usually, when we are following the same workout routine, our intensity level drops and we might not be aware of it. So do make conscious efforts to continuously raise the intensity level of your sweat session. 

TRY : Decrease rest times in between your various exercises or try slow and controlled reps. This means completing the same rep by using a lighter weight with slower movements.

Drop sets!

This is a technique that can help you deal with a tough plateau and is not recommended for beginners. The idea is to force more reps out by dropping the weight off gradually.

TRY : Choose anywhere from 3-6 sets. Do a set until you cannot perform another rep. Drop the weight, and again, do a set until you cannot do another rep. Continue dropping the weight and repeat this sequence.

Change days and rest time

Switch the order of the days that you work on each muscle, but when doing so, ensure that you give sufficient rest to each muscle group. Something else that is recommended by celebrity trainers is to simply take the week off. Try this every 7-12 weeks into your weight training routine.