12 Aug 2017
2 min read
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Aspiring singer Rojan Pariyar performs a cover of Laija Chari, one of the most loved songs by Yogeshwar Amatya

On this week’s Ruslan Cover Factory, Rojan Pariyar, a second-year MBS student and aspiring singer/composer from Pepsi Cola, performs a cover of ‘Laija Chari’, one of the most loved songs by Yogeshwar Amatya. Pariyar entered the music sphere with a brief training in classical music and has honed his skills on his own ever since. The song is also one of Pariyar’s personal favourites and says he relates to it as well. Pariyar’s version of the cover is an acoustic ballad, which showcases his minimalistic yet fantastic guitar-play, besides his husky vocals. 

You can also catch some of Pariyar’s original compositions, ‘Fulay Ko Ful’ being one of them, on YouTube. 

Artist profile

Rojan Pariyar

Recording studio

ClassX Presentation, Dillibazar