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06 Aug 2017
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Afraid that your plaid suit might make you look like an old, prolapsed bagpipe? Relax, fellas! We have just what you need

Afraid that your plaid suit might make you look like an old, prolapsed bagpipe? Or say someone with a split personality? Relax, fellas! Breathe. Pull yourself together and get a grip, for if done correctly, plaids will not only turn you into the most civilised bad boy in town, but also balance your life, and keep it in check. The best part? They’re way easier to pull off than you think. Trust us.

1. Don’t mind the blocks

Once associated with idyllic lifestyle elements like tablecloths, picnic blankets and kilts, the check print was first appropriated by London’s punk youth culture in the 70s and instantly went on to become a standard symbol of anarchy. That’s why a racy red check-coat jacket or blazer brings all the energy and passion of youth to your suit without your suit losing its classic sophistication.

2. Bigger, bolder, broader

Next, there are more check styles and more ways to wear them than you can shake a polka dot at. Start by experimenting with different widths of the print. You can also try layering check garments or contrasting different styles of check motifs with one another or other prints entirely. You can play different colours against your check items by referencing one or more of the colour details in the print.

3. Forget the square

Elsewhere, check doesn’t necessarily have to be formal or punk rock only. In fact, it can also be preppy, as it was in the US in the 70s, where it was often seen as a symbol of privilege (think preppy chic). Thus, plaid trousers paired with sporty or casual separates will make you look suave and innovative.

4. The solid way

Because they’re bold on their own, plaid suits make the rest of getting dressed a breeze. Solid shirts and sweaters are as fancy as you need to get. However, if you just can’t kick your pocket-square addiction, reach for the simplest one you have.

5. Subtle tweaks

Because checks are classics, businessmen have been wearing charcoal and
grey check suits ever since the dawn of capitalism. So add navy stripes to them right here, right now before things get a tad bit boring.


Take the time to discover your plaid personality. If you feel good with a loud plaid, just go for it. If you’re not as comfortable with patterns, go for a quieter option. The deal is when buying a plaid suit (as with any kind of suit, actually), you should absolutely always feel at ease.