Taking your workwear to the next level

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30 Jul 2017
4 min read
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Take command of your everyday wardrobe with these military-inspired style tips

Fellas, it’s almost about time that y’all took the Whiskey Delta out of your workwear and injected some of that military motor-biker inspiration into your everyday wardrobe and took command of whatever lies before you.

1. The road gator

To start it all, toughen up your workwear by throwing on some jeans with a real weather-beaten look. You can easily achieve this through different finishes like a resin and stone wash, which almost resembles leather. Likewise, go for a heavy-duty construction feel with decorative seams and a military-inspired button fly, toss in a rugged belt and just let your jeans do the talking.  

2. Hammer it down

Next, harness some of that military precision by picking items with a sharp-fitted look. A skinny collar can really help do the trick here, but make sure it’s a button-down to really emphasise the military reference. Take it a step further by wearing your tie tucked into your shirt. Shades go in your breast pocket, with the temple as a decorative feature on the outside.

3. The tank slapper

Apart from the military-inspired cut on your shirt or any utility pockets that are often associated with military wear, consider switching your work bag for a leather messenger with a buckle flap and strap. It’s a great piece to carry your essentials in, but also a quick way to slap on some manly militia references to your look.

4. The mud puppy

Likewise, colour is obviously your shortcut to creating a military-inspired look and a great way to replace military prints. So, think camel but without the motif. Go for olives, forest greens, browns and other rich earthy colours. Not only are these easy to wear and pair, but they’ll also add a bit of a butch element to your workwear.

5. A hard tail

Elsewhere, cargo pants can be smart, too. Of course, if you don’t want to be that obvious, think about the fabric and the details. Decorative zips are an instant visual link, but so are specialised military fabrics like canvas and nylon. You can bring these into your look in smaller hints, too, which is a great way to circumvent the obvious camo-print option. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s smart and looks the part.  

6. Dual sport

And finally, do remember that you are straddling the fence between workwear and military. So you ought to think of subtle ways to incorporate both, like with buckle waistbands or pleating details on work trousers, or work shirts with very specific references to vintage military wear. You always want a balance, so if you can’t find items that offer both, accessorise in the reverse of whatever style you’ve chosen to go with.