Out to sea

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23 Jul 2017
4 min read
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Fellas, it’s a seafaring journey all across the seven oceans of the world as we literally take you on a nautical voyage all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific—all with the sartorial aim of steering your everyday wardrobe into the international waters for some of that much-deserved worldly intrigue. Happy sailing, y’all

1. The blazing blazer

To start with, a crisp, plain white blazer comes forth as a key dressing item with that much-needed luxe-leisure factor making it perfect for the lavish look up on deck while you’re navigating your way through the deep blue waters. Elsewhere, it can also be worn with any number of colours, versatility being at the core of its essence, and is thus a must-have for any maritime man.

STYLE TIP: If you’re picking up a three-button blazer, only do up the middle button. Likewise, keep buttoned when standing, as this will make your torso appear slimmer.

2. Preppy staples

For a classic nautical look, go for a navy double-breasted jacket with white or gold buttons. Likewise, white suit pants can be perfectly styled up with a navy suit or a tuxedo jacket, shirt and a tie for an ultra-refined look, or more effortlessly with a shirt or lightweight knit.  

3. Micro prints

Elsewhere, lift those white or navy separates by introducing a micro print into your look. Go for anything from a whimsical marlin motif on a pair of shorts to a polka-dotted ascot tie.

4. Bold and breezy

While it’s advisable to keep your outfits sensibly light on layers and fabrication, you don’t necessarily want to end up looking scraggly. Thus, stick to basic combinations in breathable and climate-conscious materials. Then add power by blocking dark and light colours or by introducing bold horizontal stripes.

STYLE TIP: On an alternative note, you can always opt to layer a narrow-collared shirt under a striped sweater for a fresh take of the archetypal nautical look.

5. The polo tee

Worn plain with either trousers or chinos, a polo helps you achieve a more polished look. On the other hand, when layered under a blazer, a polo creates a sense of casual elegance. 

6. Unfurl

Finally, to end with a word of advice: If you’re covered up on top, whether it’s a parka or cashmere sweater over your shoulders, be sure to show some leg below.