Your guide to keeping things summery, fresh and healthy

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17 Jul 2017
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Are you the type of person who yearns for summer all year? Then this is your guide to staying chilled and healthy in these hot months

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate
I cannot stress this enough. Ask any health/fitness expert and they can go on and on about the numerous benefits of staying well-hydrated. A hydrated body results in proper bodily functions, better bowel movements and decreases your tendency to cave in to cravings (as we usually confuse thirst with hunger). Hydration also helps repair your dust/heat-damaged hair.

TIPS: If you need a reminder to get hydrated, I would suggest that you always carry a water bottle with you, and/or that you also set reminders on your mobile phone. You can add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to give your bottled-water a taste as well. Another trick that I love is to make the water visually appealing and tastier. How? Try these fruit-infused variations! 

TRY: Watermelon-lemon-cucumber-mint infused drink: I love this since both watermelon and cucumber are full of fluids. Moreover, this is the season of watermelons. Cut watermelons into cubes and thinly slice the cucumber. Mix watermelons (squeeze the juice out of some of them), cucumber and lemon juice in a large jar. Add water and mint leaves (slightly crush them to release the mint juices). Drop in some ice cubes or refrigerate.

Fruits galore

While we’re talking about infusions, another good thing about summer is its variety of seasonal fruits. Load yourself up on fresh watermelons, peaches, mangoes, papaya, among many others. Given the environmental conditions these days (dusty roads and what not), it is advised that you always wash the fruits well before consumption. 

TIPS: While experimenting with various fruits, remember to keep your combos very colourful. But if stocking up on fruits alone is not quite to your liking, balance the health and taste factor by adding yogurt to your fruits or by adding fruits to your daily bowl of oatmeal. The aim is to have at least one serving of fruits with every meal.

TRY: Smoothies: Why burn a hole in your wallet by buying smoothies at fancy cafes when you can treat yourself to a healthier version at home? Simply blend your favourite fruits with sugar-free yogurt. You can also choose to add low-fat milk/oats and/or chia seeds.

Sun protection

The UV threat is not a hoax. Always make it a point to guard yourself with sunscreen lotion/cream against the harsh summer rays.

TIPS: There are many options of sunscreens available in the market. Find one that works best for you, and while you’re at it, take into account factors like your skin type, extent of exposure to sun on a daily basis and the frequency of application. Aloe vera gel is excellent for skin damaged by overexposure.

Explore the outdoors

By this I don’t mean that you should literally head to the nearest trail or plan a trek right away. But do give yourself a break from the stuffy gym atmosphere and hit the great wide open either with your gym buddies or family.

TIPS: Do your research and find the safest and comfortable cycling/hiking trail near you. For gym-goers, ask your personal trainer to organise a programme, such as a boot camp, outside the gym. Do not forget to take a face/gym towel and a change of clothes with you, as you are most likely to perspire excessively under the heat.

Lights off

I love how the days are longer in summer. However, it is due to this very fact that we tend to stay up longer and compromise on our sleep time.

TIPS: Establish a feasible bedtime and stick to it. For those who are unable to sleep, try meditating. Once you are more relaxed, you’ll be able to sleep better.