Corporate power dressing

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16 Jul 2017
4 min read
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Learn all the secrets to gaining control and influencing people by using right styling

Fellas, it's about time you all got official and navigated your way through the cut-throat world of corporate power dressing and learned all the secrets to gaining control and influencing--by making the right styling choices.

1. Bold in basics
To start with, every man--and by that we mean every man out there--needs a navy or deep dark blue suit in his wardrobe. It is undoubtedly the perfect fallback suit, as it's appropriate for most formal business settings. And while it might be on the more conservative side of things, it feels much bolder and masculine than its lighter blue variants.

2. The three-piece
There's absolutely no item more powerful in all of men's suiting than the classic three-piece. So go ahead and consider it your suit of armour--for it fortifies the body, giving you a more robust shape and pronounced chest, which in turn commands respect. As for colour choices, a deep red or other unconventional suiting hue is appropriate for senior businessmen, while the usual blue or grey works for men slightly lower in the pecking order.

3. Dem Monday blues
For the young and upcoming businessmen, pair slim-cut modern blue suits with light-blue-coloured shirts. Also, consider playing with subtle but lively micro-print details, such as a polka-dot shirt with a micro-dot tie. Believe us, it's spunky yet serious.

4. Noir et blanc
For the more serious administrative and legislative environments, nothing helps you put on your game face quite like a black-and-white suit, shirt and tie combo. Itís sleek, smart and totally devoid of emotion.

5. Greyscale
Likewise, for a professional look that can transition from formal to casual, offering both an approachable and rational demeanour, your best bet is grey. Just remember to play with varying tones and subtle print details either in the suit, shirt or tie, or simply, all of the above.

6. In the shadows
And finally, whether it's day or night, if intimidation and information is part of your trade, nothing says power and intrigue better than all-black. Throw in some texture like a woven tie or some leather work or add a bit of contrast, say, a dash of bright red in the details of the ensemble to lift up the entire look.