Changing the kitchen game

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16 Jul 2017
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A well-designed kitchen is what almost every Kathmandu resident wants while building their dream home, and Kitchen Concepts Pvt Ltd is a company that aims to help them realise that dream

During the early 2000s, when most people heard about modular kitchens, they imagined sleek, expensive—and unaffordable—kitchenware. Now in 2017, a well-designed kitchen is what almost every Kathmandu resident wants while building their dream home, and Kitchen Concept Pvt Ltd is a company that aims to help them realise that dream. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has built a reputation for designing kitchens that boast lustrous aesthetics at modest prices.

Prakash Tibrewala, cofounder of Kitchen Concepts Pvt Ltd, talks to VMAG’s
Abhinav Amatya about how the company has been able to successfully cater to the people’s demand for kitchen gadgets that come at affordable prices.

What are the features of the products that you offer?
The prime feature of all the products offered by Kitchen Concepts is customisability. The company custom-designs kitchens based on the visions that our customers have for their homes. Using customer-provided specifications, our designers try to incorporate all the details into their blueprints. Therefore, each individual kitchen that the company has designed and installed so far has been customised to fit the customers’ needs.
When it comes to the design and the installation process, we strive to keep it simple for the customers and keep them in the loop regarding the progress on their order. The very first step for the company while designing the kitchens is to meet and consult with the customers. This meeting enables our designers to extract the essential details for creating the designs that would fit the customers’ vision. The designers then pay a visit to the customers’ homes to fully analyse the available space for the kitchen and gather additional information for their designs. At the end of the entire process, we make a final consultation with the customers regarding the designs that we have prepared for them. It is only after receiving the approval of the customers that we begin installing the designs into their kitchens. We do all this to ensure that the customers have complete knowledge regarding the service that they are receiving.

What major changes in customer behaviour have you noticed?
Nowadays in Kathmandu, when most people start building their homes, the kitchen is one of the areas that they want stylised the most. They want their kitchens to be equipped with glistening cook-tops and intricate sliding-drawers, among other things, which add to the aesthetics and functionality of their overall home. This was not usually the case earlier. Even until a couple of years ago, these modular designed kitchens were viewed as expensive items that only the high-income groups could afford. Most people usually did not invest in such kitchenware since they perceived such products to be beyond their budget. 

Another change that we have witnessed is that the people are moving towards using the services of companies—such as Kitchen Concepts—instead of masons, to design their home interiors. The main reason behind this switch is that the price quoted by both masons and designers is reaching similar levels: today, customers can receive better quality of services at the same price as offered by the masons.

Another change is that the people are becoming more aware about interior designing. Compared to before, they seem to have more knowledge about the range of products, the types of designs and the costs associated with certain designs. This is probably due to the wider use of the internet, where information is readily available.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
Kitchen Concepts separates itself from the rest of the competition by providing the highest quality of products and services to customers. Today, there are many companies that will provide a similar range of interior design products and services as us. However, there is no other company that can provide our quality of products and services. So far, we have maintained a near-perfect record: most of our customers have been satisfied with the quality of the designs, materials and items.

Another of our defining features is that we aim to provide one of the best aftersales service to our customers. We guarantee that if any product turns out to be damaged or faulty, we’ll repair it or replace it free of charge, provided that it falls under the guarantee period. So far, we have received very few complaints from customers regarding defective equipment or inadequate designs. When we do receive such complaints, we direct our efforts towards resolving the issue as soon as possible.

What are the challenges that you have faced so far?
One of the major challenges that we have faced so far has to do with educating the customers so that they make the best decisions regarding their kitchens. Even though they have become more aware regarding modular kitchens and interior designing, they still lack the proper knowledge about issues that arise while building their kitchens—such as the choice of materials and the varying quality of those materials, which have a significant impact on their interiors. Therefore, we make sure that our designers consult with our customers and provide them with as much information as they need. The goal is to make them be able to tell the difference between the good and bad choices for their kitchens.

The earthquake of 2015 was also another major obstacle that we had to face. Since the earthquake struck, we have seen a major decline in the construction and housing industries, and that had a significant impact on the overall interior-design industry. Fewer people are now willing to build new houses or purchase high-rise apartments. If these industries were to get back to where they were, in terms of sales, we feel that our market has the possibility to expand.