Make music your inspiration

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18 Jun 2017
3 min read
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Hit all the right notes with these pieces so that you and your outfits are totally in sync

We’re taking music as the source of inspiration for our piece this week. We’ll be referencing the wide and extensive mood, period and genres in the symphonic world of music to gear all you fellas for that much-awaited weekend and have y’all hit the right notes so that you and your outfits are totally in sync with whatever beats got y’all goin’. 

1. The flashback: Revisit the early 70s for a look that says the
trippy hippy

A floral or paisley-printed satin shirt is the perfect starting point for this look, as it has that much-needed dated, bohemian quality, but also offers movement, which in turn lends itself to the theme.

Next, go for an earthy palette of brown, beige and khaki to offset your focus colour. While we’d strongly recommend you go for tangerine, mustard and copper, other hues on the burnt and moody side of the spectrum will work too.

Accessorise your look with tasselled moccasins reminiscent of Native American footwear, a woven leather belt and round-framed sunnies as an ode to Lennon, and a chunky crystal necklace.

As the day cools, swap the shorts for pants and throw on a paisley scarf. And when the night chill arrives, cover up with a vintage style leather jacket to complete the look.

2. Making peace: Channel your inner survivalist

Military greens, grey, brown and khaki form the basis of most, if not all army-inspired looks. But just don’t take yourself too seriously. After all, it’s not dress up. Remember that you’re not on patrol, and you certainly don’t want to freak out any friends or buddies in a fragile state of mind.

Likewise, we’ll suggest you avoid cameo patterns entirely, well at least for this one look. If you absolutely have to do prints, stick to indigenous or modern ones. Work around a pair of brown boots, which are also practical.
Finally, suitable accessories include a chunky military-style watch and an industrial necklace, or one of our favourites, a utilitarian backpack. If things begin to get a little chilly or wet, throw on a heavy duty parka for the warmth and the needed protection against the rain.

3. The wild wild west: For nothing says lone spirit of the wild west
better than cowboy style

Word of caution: You’ll strictly want to avoid looking like you’ve dressed in a rental costume for this one. So to keep things modern and authentic, start with the basics: a hat, raw denim and leather ankle boots.

Focus on a palette of greys and work with the some ethnic motifs as an ironic counterpoint to the cowboy style. Replace a traditional waistcoat with a chunky knitwear and wrap an extra option around your waist if you want a hint of that carefree attitude.

Lastly, swap your shorts for a pair of jeans when the sun goes down, don a snood to keep your neck and ears warm and rock a few pieces of statement silver and ethnic jewellery.