In conversation with Jordan Ballard

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14 Jun 2017
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From the Archive(Sept, 2016): VMAG caught up with the senior master piloxing trainer Jordan Ballard

Jordan Ballard 
After trying out piloxing in 2009, Ballard fell in love with how the piloxing programme changed her body, energy, strength and improved her overall confidence. She then decided to make a career change and joined the Piloxing Team in Los Angeles.

One of the most in-trend workouts of the moment, piloxing is something that Ballard highly recommends, as she believes that it will guarantee great results for its patrons. According to Ballard, first-timers should expect a sweaty, heart-pumping, core-strengthening hour of fun. As she says, "I can guarantee that you will walk out of this class dripping in sweat, but with a huge smile across your face." She also asserts that the components of piloxing are what make it unique and separate it from other group-fitness formats. Piloxing includes a dynamic blend of boxing, one of the most effective and powerful cardiovascular workouts, and pilates, which strengthens and lengthens you.

Piloxing and Nepal's fitness industry
I can say that after Jordan is done with conducting the first-ever piloxing instructors workshop in Kathmandu, we can definitely expect the introduction of more piloxing classes in gyms around the city. When asked about why she chose Nepal, Ballard credits the brain behind the event, Priti Rai. Ballard says that Rai's passion and commitment to this programme and the fitness industry is what inspired her to bring this fitness form to Nepal and help her in the growth of the fitness culture here. Ballard also added that she is looking forward to her workshop as she believes in the importance of fitness education for the overall growth for the fitness industry. “Fitness trends come and go, but education is lasting. The better armed an instructor is, the better and more successful their classes/sessions will be,” says Ballard.

Keeping it exciting
In a quest to ensure that there is always new and exciting exercises to look forward to, the Piloxing Academy has many things in the pipeline such as the Piloxing Knockout and the Piloxing Barre. The latter will also be introduced in Nepal later this year.

Expert tip
If you are looking for a 'trick' to help you stay committed to your fitness regimens, Jordan advises that you stick to a workout that you enjoy. She states that safety and form is definitely important. Also, it is essential to have fun in order to ensure that you continue exercising.

FitNation will be held at Dashrath Rangasala on September 14, Wednesday. It will start at 5:30 pm. Tickets are available for sale, while stocks last.