Street sensibilities

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11 Jun 2017
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Get ready to brave the style swap that sweeps the street and alleys in and around you

As a brand new month, a new season and a new ‘New’ in fashion starts, be ready to brave the style swap that sweeps the street and alleys in and around you. Be fearless and equip yourself with a range of cutting edge, modern-day lifestyle apparel that mixes the right amount of runway and streetwear.

1. Street preppin’

Start sane and simple to strike that perfect balance between streetwear and sports. Preppy is just a matter of adding an edge to your look by, say, wearing a racy windbreaker over a polo or a dress shirt. The same goes for your pants and shoe combination: simply pair sneakers with some formal inspired track pants.

2. The laws of hybridity

Rather than just combining sports motifs and high fashion apparel together, athleisure, today, has gone on to become a focus of hybrid design in the luxury fashion world. Thus, in place of a mundane tracksuit or the usual varsity jacket, choose something with more of that runway flair, like a pair of palazzo-style track pants and an elegant bomber with razor sharp accents with some statement worthy slides.

3. Armed forces

Likewise, step forward into a brand new narrative of modern performance wear, which is not just about cleaner, more functional silhouettes, but also about movement and being prepared for continuous change. So make sure you use military-inspired colours and details and masculine prints such as modern camouflage to make a statement.

4. Urban artillery 

Just in case that isn’t enough, make sure you draw your strength from the concrete jungle by incorporating textures and colours from the urban environment and the cityscape around you.

5. Formation units

Elsewhere, approach the future of aesthetic minimalism by embracing clean lines and bold shapes. Innovative sneaker silhouettes afford the look an even more progressive stance.