Chic on a budget

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04 Jun 2017
5 min read
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Style often comes with good taste, a keen eye and some precise and careful considerations

Some things in life are certain. For example, money can’t necessarily help buy you style, because style often comes with good taste, a keen eye and some precise and careful considerations. Thus, here are a few tricks of the trade that’ll help you fake it till you make it.

1. Suits sell

Old-school or unfashionable, truth is, a suit makes any man look affluent and influential in an instant. And given the unlimited options today that range anywhere from bespoke, tailored and custom-made to fast, easy and instantaneous,there is many an affordable suit out there for all you, fellas. Just remember to start with something that’s accessible and wear it until it helps you get to a place where you can afford the real deal. And the best thing? Many of these easy and available options today are widely available in trendy slim cuts and can be worn with sneakers, pops of colour or prints to make the look more lively and youthful without compromising on the true power of the suit.

2. Cash on the check

Certain prints and motifs are considered ‘heritage styles’ and evoke a sense of old-world charm and elegance, which goes a long way in helping you feign that luxury feel without having to sell any of your organs. One such print is the classic windowpane-check, which can be best worn in the form of a fitted blazer, a white or blue shirt, a black tie and go-to black shoes. And the next thing you know, people will actually wonder where you’ve possibly parked your Benz.

3. Rollin’ the neck

Some guys are wary of roll-neck sweaters, even more so when they’re worn with suits. However, the look speaks of money, sagacity, sophistication and a knowledge of culture. Thus, any man bold enough to wear a roll neck with a suit has clearly graduated beyond the playground of suits and shirts.

4. The world of colour and textures

In the same way that print adds depth to a suit, so do colour and texture—but just be cautious. While some options are often trendy and playful, it’s the warmer, more sophisticated options, like, say, brown or something along the line of neutrals that really make your look look expensive. Elsewhere,the combination of textures in the sweater and suit helps add a sense of maturity to your look, meaning you’ll look older, wiser and more experienced.