The garden variety

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28 May 2017
5 min read
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Go forth and experiment with subtle and softer colours, silhouettes, textiles and fit

Fellas, in the name of some much-needed change around here, we quite literally request you to take a step back from how y'all usually dress, haul and do your thing, and instead, take the time to explore and meander through a more romantic side to you and menswear in general: go forth and experiment with subtle and softer colours, silhouettes, textiles and fit.

1. Power in pastels

To start it off, we ought to let you know that pastel and sherbet colours are quintessentially quite paradoxical in nature. Although irrefutably youthful, they possess a nostalgic quality, which makes them romantic. Quite simply, they're easier to pair with one another than the more vibrant options, and just in case you're afraid of blocking colours, pair your choice with a muted earth-like tone, say, light grey or khaki. It's a sure way to help the colour 'man up' a bit.

2. Surprising silhouettes

Make unconventional choices. Play with muted colours, and give yourself the opportunity to push the envelope in terms of the silhouettes. From playsuits to translucent blouson jackets, you can be quite adventurous without going overboard. Just remember to keep a balance by sticking to formal details like buttons, pockets or style lines, which give the pieces a bit more polish.

3. Contrasts coded

Elsewhere, strike an interesting balance with your outfit by styling hard, stiff or smooth textiles with softer, more fluid ones. Softer textiles will help give you a more casual, laid-back look, while rigid materials lean towards looking smarter. Consider pairing loose-fitting or even draped pieces with more tailored or structured ones.

4. Blazing blazers

Aside from being a wardrobe essential, a blazer is also a great way to lift an outfit from ordinary to elegant in seconds. Of course, given the palette you're working with, you won't have to fret about looking too grown up. However, if you're worried about the longevity of trends, go for one in a basic colour, like blue or grey, to ensure your investment piece has a long shelf life.

5. Summer knitwear

Knitwear isn't just simply for winter, because today you can find lighter, looser weaves specifically designed for hot and humid climates. Many of these are made in basic summer style like tees. Likewise, knitwear is a practical choice because it's breathable and a great day-to-night transition fabric. Plus, it retains more moisture, which helps lift fabric away from the body without showing off those pit puddles.

6. The new preppy

Finally, preppy doesn't have to be serious. In fact, by definition, it isn't. As we head into more whimsical territories in men's fashion, bring some irony to your look by poking fun at the institutions that gave birth to high society smart-casual.

Reference anything from colonial dresses to tennis-court ones, and whatever you do, add a pair of sneakers to give it a contemporary sporty spin.