Khaki calling

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21 May 2017
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One of your best go-tos when it comes to outdoor, adventure dressing is the traditional khaki look

Feeling the call of the Wild West, fellas? Well, it’s about time you gave your favourite adventure gear that much-needed upgrade courtesy of these safari-inspired heritage looks that we’ve curated just for y’all.

1. The colour of the earth

First things first. It obviously goes without saying that Mother Nature has the best taste when it comes to coordinating tints and hues. Thus, we’d recommend that all you fellas use the desert as a source of colour inspiration to convey a sense of strength and timelessness through the ever classic combination of brown, camel, khaki, beige, grey and sand tones.

2. The safari shirt jacket

Next, one of your best go-tos when it comes to outdoor, adventure dressing is the traditional khaki look. It has a practical colour for insulating and radiating heat, and the dirt doesn’t really show. A sturdy safari shirt or shirt jacket will provide you with warmth and protection. Just remember to keep your focus on the formal and functional details. These will help give you a rugged appeal without losing that old-school elegance.

3. The white shirt

Elsewhere, while viewing things from a practical standpoint, you may not be inclined to wear white shirts when it comes to the outdoors, but when combined with a rough, rugged attire, it is an elegant and effective way to convey that perfect style. Pay attention to textile. Depending on the context, you’ll want something that’s thicker, sturdier and more functional than a simple work shirt. Wooden or snap buttons are unique details that’ll go a long way to elevate the look.

4. The safari trench

An ideal throwback to the WW II era, a rugged safari trench is an absolute staple, vital to your outdoor attire—for it has all the functionality of the traditional trench coat without being cumbersome. Likewise, it also gives you the refinement of an urban gentleman.

5. The leather jacket

Likewise, the quintessential brown leather jacket is an absolute must-have for the outdoor adventurer. Whether smooth, scratched, patched or made of suede, it adds to that worn-and-weathered, tough guy persona and look. Aside from being functional, it’s also an investment piece that only gets better with age. Best worn with a white tee, it’ll make you look like a seasoned explorer searching for leisure and adventure.

6. Don’t limit yourself

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to wear khaki shorts or chinos while you’re on a safari. And just who in the world says that blazers don’t belong in the wild? Fellas, think outside the box for a change. Jeans, today, are a perfectly practical option for the wild, and it sure is easy to find a nice wash in warm, earthy colours. Elsewhere, modern hybrid shoe-designs also mean that there are more elegant choices when it comes to outdoor shoes, and while a boot or desert shoe is favourite among most men, brogues and other smart-casual styles of urban footwear also come with rubberised soles built for rougher terrains.