Start right

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08 May 2017
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If you start your day right, you'll have the energy to tackle the day's grind

One of the most crucial rules to wellness is starting your day right. With regards to this, there are many aspects apart from exercise that play a part in ensuring that we have a proper and healthy start to our day. So, what are they?

Rise and shine

The steps that you can take to start your day on a fantastic note should begin from the moment you wake up. No, I am not talking about getting up on the 'correct side' of the bed, but instead, of doing things such as:

Doing a couple of stretches in the morning will give you that instant energy boost and will also help you avoid any ache that you might have woken up with. Please note that you should always warm up before doing any form of stretching. So get out of bed, and do about five minutes of light marching/jogging or just walking.

TRY: Upper back release stretch: Either standing hip-width apart or sitting, clasp hands and extend your arms in front of you, keeping them straight. Round your upper back and hold this stretch for five seconds. Clasp your hands, and extend your arms behind your back. Pull your chest out and exhale as you do this. Hold it for five seconds. Alternate between them at least three to five times.

Shoulder stretch: Place your right hand across your chest. Use your left arm to pull your right arm as close to your chest as possible. Hold for five seconds and repeat on the other side.

Drinking water

Since our body is dehydrated from the night's sleep, it is suggested that we start our day with a tall glass of warm water, preferably with a squeeze of lemon. This has been a proven mix to jump-start our metabolism, and that is something we will never complain about, right?

Eat breakfast

'Eat breakfast like a king.' It sounds clich├ęd, but it is true, and practised by many. For someone who needs to rush to her morning classes, there are many mornings, more than I'd like to admit, when I decide to skip my breakfast. That, of course, ends up being a decision that I always regret. Now, to get the best out of your breakfast, make sure that you have a meal with a good combination of good carbs, fibre and protein. But at the same time, you should know what to avoid.

Here are some breakfast options that you should pass up on.

Convenient packs
No matter how healthy they claim to be, packaged foods are not that healthy. Cereals are a no-no since they usually tend to be full of added sugar and white carbs. Whole wheat cereals may seem like a better option, but again, it's advised that you avoid them.

TRY: Oats in its original form (not flavoured) or muesli without added sugar. Mix them in a bowl of milk and have them as they are or cook them over low heat until you get the desired consistency. Add a dash of cinnamon, natural honey and enjoy!

Faking it
Artificial sweeteners are touted as the best alternative to white sugar for health-conscious people, but the best option is to either avoid white sugar completely or have the real stuff instead of the artificial variations. These disrupt digestion and actually leave you feeling gassy and uncomfortable.

Too much of anything is not healthy, and that goes for fruits as well. Adding a serving of fruit to your oatmeal or having it with yogurt is encouraged, but simply indulging in a huge bowl of sugary fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, berries) can mean an overdose of fructose, and that can make you bloated.

Solo coffee
Coffee is not necessarily bad for you. But studies have shown that having coffee on its own can leave you feeling very hungry. The next time you enjoy your caffeine fix, do it with light snacks such as scrambled eggs or a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut (or any other nut) butter.

Note: Apart from these food items, it is also crucial to note that different individuals react differently to different foods. Thus you should be aware of the kind of foods that causes you discomfort and avoid them when you are starting your day.