Shorter, louder, funkier: The pool order

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07 May 2017
4 min read
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Whether you're going out for a swim or simply lounging in the sun, the perfect swimwear is an absolute must

It goes without saying that summer is, quite obviously, the season of the pool. And whether you're actually going out for a swim or simply lounging in the sun, the perfect swimwear is an absolute must. And the wide and assorted variety on offer today remains as exciting as, yet as challenging as ever. After all, not all swimsuits are created equal, and yet the beach and the pool are where you need to be your most confident. So fellas, do yourself a favour and spend a few minutes, or perhaps an hour, to find yourself the right swim gear, and learn how the coolest trunks are a tad more aggressive than they used to be, and by that, we mean slimmer, shorter and covered in eye-catching patterns and tones. If you're looking for ways to make a loud statement this sultry season, here's your guide to statement swimsuits and playful prints.

1. She's bored with your board shorts

First of all, even if you absolutely can't fit into trunks with five-inch inseams like the models right out of those glossy GQ pages, the move is still to go for a higher, trimmer swimsuit this summer. After all, it's only fair you do so for all that your girl does for you.

2. Babe watch!

On guard and keeping a lookout for your bae at the pool? Keep it classy by playing with nautical colours like navy and white, and reserving the louder yellows and reds for a pop of colour in a detail or accessory. Remember, you can pair your swimming trunks with a shirt or polo tee to give it class and sex appeal. Likewise, print is your go-to buddy here; otherwise, you might end up looking a little too plain.

3. Pop goes the popsicle

Elsewhere, if you happen to be the ballsy fashionista, make a bold statement by colour-blocking sorbet, fruit and gelato tones. Remember to play around to create colour combinations, but keep things preppy. After all, it's a good way to ground the colours in a way that makes them look a little more serious.

4.Funk with your heart

Has the heat wave left your wardrobe in a wobble? But who needs clothing anyway, right? With the perfect accessories, you'll be the best-dressed person at the water's edge. Stick to a single or double colour palette and go for fun, playful watches and geometric eyewear in bold, vivid tints. And don't forget to wear a hat.

5. Print explosion

Getting loose in preparation for the sunny months of 2017? Just know that nothing says 'I don't care' like psychedelic swimwear. Thus, you can either opt for a full neon-print explosion or mellow out with a subtler ombre or tie-dye option. Either way, they're perfect for keeping yourself or your friends entertained well after pumpkin hour is over.

6. Making it brief

Finally, we absolutely need to talk about speedos and swim briefs before we call it an end. Most men are usually too shy to wear them while others are concerned about other people's perceptions. So take some time and ask yourself: Are you a grown man or a playground toddler? And finally, get a grip, fellas! Truth be told, there are no shapes more complimentary to your physique than these, and if you have the assets, why not flaunt them?  Also, they're a surefire way to avoid a shorts tan.