The denim revolution

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30 Apr 2017
5 min read
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It’s time for a jeanetic overhaul for the calm and collected man

Want a clean look with denims this summer but don’t really know where to start? For once, we’ll ask you not to give in to the fad. Instead, we insist that you take a good long break from all the noisy adolescent-inspired denim trends you see out there. The thing is, your indigo threads shouldn’t have to refer to every trend or subculture on planet Earth in order for you to be or look a little edgy. So, we’d rather you pick up more of the simple, smart or sensible cuts for a more refined take on denim, and we promise, you’ll turn more heads (or at least the right ones) with the beloved fabric this sultry season.

1. It’s not only rugged, rough men that wear denim. What’s more, just because your jeans are torn or distressed doesn’t mean you’re going to end up making a grunge statement either. Don’t let the style wear you. You can look smart in distressed denim, but you need to counterbalance the ‘edginess’ of the textile with hard lines, clean surfaces and sharp details, paired best with other classic statement buys. On the grooming side, a clean face and a slick hairdo will go a long way too.

2. In terms of shirting, don’t shy away from denim. A light wash or a subtle print can add interest without appearing too ‘trendy’, which will help you maintain your youthful appearance without losing your elevated sense of decorum.

3. Moving into the warmer months, the look is still snug, but with the light weight of denim and with far fewer layers. Go for a classic pairing of items, as these will help simplify your style.

4. Pay more attention to texture. Try pairing industrial washes and slightly rougher denims with linen and other coarse textiles to make the whole look feel a bit more advanced.

5. Eliminate the excess. Dial down on the slogans, ditch the belt and drop the socks. Your skin is coming out to play in the sunny summer.

6. You need some good chunky soles. Finally, we’re going for a bit of a Saint Laurent homage here, so the shoes need a bit of an indie twist. Rather than going for a pair of Dr Martens, which would read a bit too punk, a chunky pair of Oxfords or low-ankle boots will do. We’re keeping things streamlined: not skinny, but with a few serious, shady undertones.

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