The grand summer shake up: press play

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23 Apr 2017
4 min read
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With summer making its presence felt, it’s officially that time you hit the shuffle with your summer wardrobe

And here it is, fellas. With summer making its presence felt, it’s officially that time you hit the shuffle with your summer wardrobe and played the classic game of mix and match with all of the items you have, as we literally prep and warm you up for season—right from the head to the toes.

1. Statement intended
First things, first. Make some noise and show us that you still have a pulse. As the cool spring loosens its grip and the heat surges to the max, you can freely start playing with all of those heart-racing shades, but just remember that there’s a precise method to the colour-wheel madness that requires quite some adherence.

Your key piece is a bright, plain, coral-coloured light summer jacket. It’s a statement piece, so it should most definitely be loud. However, we recommend that you opt for a cool tone with it. Bring in faded jeans and other pale separates to give the bright jacket some breathing room. The subtle tones of your outfit should most definitely play off against the colour of the jacket. Tone down the brightness of the look by introducing some classic items, like a brogue shoe, as this reads a bit more seriously.

2. Suit on the go
Brush away some of the sartorial cobwebs in your life. Sure, a suit has to be smart, but it doesn’t have to be the death of the party to get the job done. Here’s how you can get some power and play out of yours.

As we head towards warmer months, it’s obviously better to opt for lightweight suiting in more breathable fabrics. A cotton and linen blend in solid blue will allow you to play with a few subtle print and colour options when it comes to your shirts.

Add a bolt of electric youth to your suit in tiny measures of colour. The easiest and most respectable place to start has to be your watch.

Running late or heading out for after-work drinks? Sneakers are a stylish and practical addition to any suit for cycling, dancing and showing off. Put a pair of formal shoes in your backpack, but keep your toes and friends smiling in sneakers.

3. Clashing the classics
Preppy doesn’t necessarily have to be a stiff affair. Breathe new life into the classics by updating them with modern details and by bringing in some whimsical elements to counter balance the more traditional ones.

Hit the streets in cult classics that make a strong visual link between the rest of your outfit and street culture. A logocentric T-shirt is a great option, but it can easily be swapped out for one of your older tees. It’s street casual after all.

A bomber or blouson jacket is perhaps the most essential part of this look and will determine if you’re going classic, retro, street or futuristic. If you simply aren’t one for shorts, you can still get that classic style in the form of chinos, which also make for a great alternative to a pair of jeans. Just update the classic shape by going for a coral tone or another bright option.

4. Ease in access
Finally, every man needs a go-to formula for an outfit that is suitable for most occasions and easy to assemble. Call it your five-a-day: a bomber, shirt, sports watch, chinos and Stan Smiths.

Florals immediately evoke a sense of youth, romance and euphoria, but the darker the floral, the more masculine it appears. Combine these with other hints of print to add interest, some more serious like a check and others less so such as a pop print. When picking a jacket, go for a classic shape, but modernise it by choosing an uncharacteristic colour that instantly adds more personality to your look.

Lastly, it’s about that time to get your legs out, fellas! So make sure you’ve got a classic pair of shorts that can be worn as preppy, casual or smart.