Calling the shorts

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16 Apr 2017
3 min read
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Your all-inclusive guide to the hows and whens of all things shorts

When the mercury rises, and you’re looking for that perfect, sweat-free addition to your outfit, shorts are one of the best options you have. And even though they’ve received a bad rap over the years, especially the much-dreaded three quarters and Limp Bizkit baggies, the humble shorts of today can give your look the perfect smart-casual edge that all you fellas want. And our guide to keeping it brief will have you looking good in no time at all.

The smart and meticulous
You’re probably no stranger to the concept of the short suit, but this season, it’s an essential because it’s a great way to build a more traditional, layered look—think smart top and a cool and leisurely bottom. It also gives you some versatility in terms of styling and for achieving varying degrees of formality in a look: basic, with a pair of formal shorts and shirt; shorts, shirt and blazer with a tie; and with a waistcoat or formal cardigan.

Smarty pants: Most of you will be familiar with formal shorts, but for those who aren’t, you will recognise them from their more tailored fit and formal detailing around the placket front and waistband. Some will be cuffed but a clean hem is also an option.
Just how short is short?: This season the look is higher and more fitted. Okay, don’t stress yet. It’s not tight by any means, but the hem of the shorts should absolutely fall just above the knee. This basically applies to all looks, with the exception of swimwear, which is of a trunk length, thus, even shorter.

Short order: different pairs for different occasions 
The outdoors: Quite simply, you’ll want to get a pair of denim shorts not just for the utility, but also for the endurance. These rugged shorts will outlast most others and handle stains, rough terrains and adventurous activities, all while retaining character. And contrary to popular belief, they’re actually breathable.

Travel: The casual cotton sweat shorts are all about form and function, which make them the perfect choice for a weekend away. They’re relaxed enough for you to go for lunch at a fancy place and casual enough to give you the feeling that you’re on a holiday. The best thing is that they’re easy to pair and comfortable enough to travel in, without getting too wrinkled.
Lounge lizard: Whether reading the paper, watering the garden or lounging by the pool, there is no excuse for a man of style to be fumbling around in his boxers when he could style the look up with a classic, printed pair of swim trunks worn leisurely with a table-cloth-printed checkered shirt. It’s simply sexy and effortlessly chic at the same time.

The culture call: Finally, give your style some flair through a few more sophisticated styling details. A summer scarf is a great way to add a pop of colour without weighing the look down. A Panama hat makes the whole thing look more laid-back, while a denim jacket roughens it up around the edges.