Creatures of comfort

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07 Apr 2017
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Style Fact 101: It often goes without saying that any and every man out there wants to be comfortable in what he’s wearing. But that doesn’t necessarily serve as a valid reason to end up looking sloppy and sluggish. Thus, if you want to be comfortable, without looking like a couch potato, you need to focus on the subtle details—plush texture, precise cuts and the fine act of layering

Yawning it away. The best styling in menswear occurs when the ensemble in question looks like it was just thrown together in seconds but actually took a fair amount of effort and consideration to execute. Just remember that you’re going or aiming for that ‘just rolled out of bed’ sort of look and feel. Thus, everything ought to be perfectly steamed, pressed or ironed, but little tricks like the flip-rolled sleeve, a slim single roll on the ankle, and a casual oiling and a flick of the hair can make you look like you just had the best mojito of your life.

Some chest embracing: There was a time in the fashion dominion when unbuttoning a shirt to reveal a bit of your chest hair was considered brash and trashy. But come today, it’s all about uber-metro-sexuality and the male cleavage. Generally speaking, two or three buttons loose is about as low you should go on a single shirt when in public, and unless you are layering, anything more is either obscene or starts venturing into the super boho territory.

It’s all in the quality: Finally, a way to enhance a look as restrained as this one is to focus on quality. This covers everything from the actual cut of an item to the fabric. Start by making sure that the fit is absolutely perfect and that the cut—everything from the neckline to the sleeve, crotch length to the width of leg—absolutely complements your body. Then, only opt for quality fabrics with a sensual appeal. These, like linen, generally lie on the natural end of the spectrum and are beautiful to look at, touch and feel.

And just in case that wasn’t enough, here are a few more tips and details that are sure to deliver the look and comfort you’re after this sultry season:

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t layer up. Use lightweight separates to achieve this effect. Play with options like layering over a tank, using white or neutrals to keep the look in harmony and a host of unbuttoned and semi-buttoned pieces on top.

The V-neck
After a long hiatus, the V-neck is slowly finding its way back into fashion, purely because it is a sporty cut that offers a bit of sex appeal by plunging the décolletage, but not too deep. It is also functional in terms of creating the illusion of a longer neck and broader shoulders.

Details in design
Elsewhere, pay attention to the way a garment is constructed. Look at the seams, hem, collars and cuffs to determine how much thought is put into the design and construction of the item. For instance, the drawstring of a pair of trousers juxtaposed against the formal detail of its slant pocket and fly front.

Agree on the legs
As you must know by now, shorts are not the antithesis of smart style. In fact, by combining a crisp shirt with a tailored pair of cuffed shorts, you can achieve a very sophisticated look fairly easily.