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30 Mar 2017
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How to wear white in the age of generation Z

In the world of fashion, the colour white signifies a number of things: wealth, purity, peace, or sometimes, even insanity. You would wear white, say, for a summer wedding, on a yoga retreat, at a ‘white party’, or quite simply, wear it just to keep it cool and fashionable during the peak of summer. The all-white look also finds its place in the wardrobes of history: it has, for example, long been the preferred colour of the Hamptons, worn not only for its cooling properties or to denote a sporty and leisurely sense of style, but also to flaunt one’s immense wealth. In fact, wearing white in the past meant that you were wealthy enough to avoid having your clothes sullied by common dirt. And in 2017, here’s how to wear the flush hue in the age of generation Z 

1. Formal and fresh

Unless you’re a doctor, a nun or a scientist, the beauty of white is that it never reads too seriously. Of course, the challenge here is throwing on a formal outfit together that doesn’t make you look like you belong in a psyche ward, or like you’re tending a bowling green. Here are a few tips that’ll help you achieve that balanced look with a breeze.

Two In Peace: Achieve harmony with a combination of a two-piece suit (a traditional cut is perfect) with a crisp shirt, all in white, but make sure the shirt offers some contrast in the buttons, along the trim or on the reverse side of the button stand,  so your look doesn’t become too ethereal. After all, you’re aiming for George Clooney, not Morgan Freeman in ‘Bruce Almighty’.

Accessorise: Style your look with bold accessories that evoke a sense of the classics. Go for browns in leather, and carry this theme across your outfit, from your analog watch to your leather belt. Likewise, go for higher grade slip-ons in place of the usual, traditional shoes.

Finishing Touches: Finally, it’s summer, so feel free to go for a hidden sock. In fact, it’s absolutely essential to this look. Unbutton the shirt (two buttons, max) and neatly tuck the collar under the lapels of your jacket. This helps make the entire look seem more leisurely.

2. Classic and casual

From sporty to smart, this look lives in the fine balance between the formal and casual, which translates across a range of cool, laid back separates. So, the key, here, is in the combination items, it’s fairly basic, but your outfit gains value through the way in which some of these items are worn.

Tan Lines: While the look is all white, a tan or brown belt is the perfect way to break the severity of the single tone, which makes the whole style just that little bit more Mediterranean and less Wizard of the North. Another safe go-to is navy, which can either be worn as an accent (perhaps on a collar or cuff) or as a shoe or accessory. Just remember not to go too overboard, or you will start venturing into nautical territory. All in all, the warmth of the tan helps make the whole thing get more earth-bound.  

The Must Haves: Finally, essential pieces for the summer include espadrilles, or espadrille-style loafers, and white jeans or chinos. Both are exceptionally versatile items that have a lot of presence, which means they can help you achieve a look easily without too many extra items.