Shirtly summers: the right to bare arms

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23 Mar 2017
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After half a century or more in hiding, the short-sleeved shirt aesthetic finally seems to be getting back its much-deserved style momentum

For once, we’ll get straight to the point. After half a century or more in hiding, the short-sleeved shirt aesthetic finally seems to be getting back its much-deserved style momentum. And that’s all good news, fellas, for you finally have that perfect alternative to the much-debated shirting conundrum this heated summer, especially when your dress shirts always seem a tad bit too warm and sticky, and your T-shirts a lil’ too casual. And it’s right here where the short sleeve comes in with its own sense of cool and lets you flaunt your well-toned forearms, all with a touch of class and formality.

Tying it with the tie: the smart casual combo

The Roll-A-Back Sleeve: While showing of your elbows is neither apt nor ideal in a formal, working environment,rolling up your sleeves, nevertheless, is the most appropriate solution if you’re heading to work without your blazer or suit jacket. Just remember to roll back the sleeves to just below the elbow for that style-perfect short-sleeve look.

Earthly Tones: Sweat and pit stains, as always, can be a real cause of concern in the heat, especially when you don’t have a blazer beneath which to hide. Thus, muted and subdued natural hues are great for hiding the heat and also help camouflage your undershirt. Elsewhere, an overall printed motif can be a fun addition that’ll cause some much-welcome distraction.

Sockless Roll-ups: Finally, it’s about time you got those ankles ready—for come 2017, we’re all going sock-less and turning up our hems this summer. The only rule is to have it rolled up just on or above the ankle bone.

Sane and suited: a transition

The Optional Jacket: Wearing a short-sleeved shirt under a lightweight and breathable suit jacket is sure to keep you cool and comfortable through-out your day at work. Simply lose the jacket, and you’ve got another slick style option that’s ever ready for the round of drinks after work.

Sleeve Length: As you won’t have your regular full-length shirt sleeve popping out of your jacket cuffs, make sure you pick a suit jacket with extra length on the sleeve to keep your look cool and classy.

No Belt: Seeing as you’re aiming for an easy, light-weight look, wear your suit trousers without a belt, for it doesn’t make your outfit any less formal, but, rather, more modern.

The overshirt: refined streetwear

The Formal Details: When worn open and over a tee, a shirt is a great sartorial option for introducing formal details into a look. Some shirts are known to have more details than others and help make the garment more of a statement piece with that much-needed functional component.

Elongated Lengths: Make sure you choose an overshirt with some extra length in the hem. Not only is it modern, but it also lends itself to a more relaxed and fluid silhouette.

Lifestyle Sneakers: While sporty, athletic trainers are all the rage right now, a streamlined pair of white lifestyle sneakers suits most outfits and certainly amplifies the presentable nature of the over-all look.