It’s all in the accompaniments

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17 Feb 2017
4 min read
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Because for once, the clothes take backstage and the sole focus is all on the accompanying adornments

A bold and brave gesture is called for this season of transition as fashion, quite literally, gets into overdrive with an array of high-impact, high-octane paraphernalia. Because for once, the clothes take backstage and the sole focus is all on the accompanying adornments. The best bit of it all? There’s definitely something for any and every fella in all of you.

1. The prim and polished

For the man who likes to make an entrance and wants all eyes trained on him while doing so, avoid any bling that might give the impression you’re some wannabe rapper. Rather, opt for a polished range of accessories that says “I’ve made it”.

It’s way less ostentatious than a gold chain around your neck and also aptly functional. A keychain helps keep your essentials in place and does it with that much-needed style statement and flair.

Money clip & cardholder: 

We all know about how wallets can be quite cumbersome. Thus, of late, money clips are gaining quite the favour among men. The most popular design seems to be the card-holding hybrid variety that’s good for both business and pleasure.

2. The talismans of power

For the man who dresses to impress just as much as to intimidate all who stand in his path, be sure to add classic items to your look that evoke a sense of propriety, as well as structure, tradition and formal elegance.

Nothing says influence and deal-making ability like a bold designer pen kept handy inside your suit for quick deployment.

With this quintessential gentleman’s companion, nobody will doubt you are serious about business.
Phone pouch: 
A leather phone pouch has longevity and class. Those plastic clip-on covers, which will break at some point, need to be replaced with something more robust and durable.

3. The rough, the smooth

For a ready-for-summer look that’s appropriate for poolside lounging, you’ll want accessories that are manly and practical but lavish enough to turn heads for the right reasons.

Go for something chunky, bright and colourful with a big buckle, but don’t go all Ed Hardy on the design. Those pseudo gangsta, drug-dealer belts are a little grotesque.
When it comes to water sports, men tend to be a bit sluggish with their presentation. So make sure your towel is a looker and not bleach-stained, moth-eaten or emblazoned with your favourite comic character from the 90s. You’re a grown-ass man now. Period.

Take shelter under something worthy of your head. You wouldn’t put trash on your noggin, so if you’re sporting hats why go for anything less than the best?

4. Balance

Finally, for the guy who likes to keep it slick but also has a finger on the pulse of culture, you’ll want to make sure your accessories are on trend but not completely dictated thereby. It’s all about finding the right balance between the classics and what’s cool.

It’s trendy and functional but also has attitude and movement. Totes Amaze. Literally.

Tie Clip: 
When it begins to get a lil’ too hot for a blazer, a tie clip adds a degree of class while dialling back on that schoolboy look.

For any man debating his first watch purchase, there is nothing more classic or essential in the world of haute horlogerie than a chrome face on a black leather strap.