Use resistance to your advantage

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10 Feb 2017
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I believe in making things simple and fitting in workouts in a way that is most convenient

The Resistance Band

A type of resistance band can be found in gyms everywhere—in the form of cables and pulleys used in gym equipments. But the one that I am referring to is the extremely versatile and portable equipment that you can carry around. This means that you will be able to squeeze in some moves during your break time at the office or at home or right before you hit the sack. Keep it at arm’s length, and use it when the mood suits you.

There are many types of resistance bands available in the market such as ones with handles, tube bands or flat latex ones. You can get your trainer’s help in deciding which type will be most suitable for you or do your research online and find your best fit.  


The fact that I can take it anywhere and that it allows me to do various strength training moves are what I love about resistance bands. Here are some other benefits that you can reap by using it.

  • Increase muscle strength and promote growth
  • Increase muscle flexibility by working on a full range of motion during lifts and/or curl
  • Suitable for all fitness levels. Whether you’re just starting out or are an expert, you can add resistance bands seamlessly into your routine. You can adjust the intensity accordingly by using bands of different resistance.
  • Requires you to perform controlled movements and maintain a very particular form when performing a move. This means that you get to target specific muscle groups and simultaneously work on your core.

Who can benefit?

Anyone! Beginners can incorporate basic resistance band moves in their workout sessions. And if your fitness level is more advanced, you can choose to use this equipment to add more variety and challenge your workouts. Resistance-band training offers results similar to that of strength training, but if you’re looking for a body builder's physique, then it is recommended that you stick to free weights in the gym.

Making it work for you
There are numerous moves that you can do using a resistance band. Do note that the exercises you decide to do with the band depends on your #fitnessgoals. The examples that I have recommended are classic moves with a twist of the band!

Lower body
Squat: We know that the squat is one of the most effective moves of all time. Add more resistance by squatting with a resistance band. TRY: Stand on the band with feet shoulder-width apart. Holding the handle/end of the band, bring the top over each shoulder. Perform a squat while ensuring that you keeps your abs tight.


Reverse Crunch: For this, you need to get an anchor, which is basically a point such as the top of a door or chair. TRY: Anchor your band on something low. Lie on your back with knees bent at 90 degrees. Wrap band around the top of both feet. With your abs tight, back flat, pull your knees towards your shoulders while contracting your abdominal muscles.


Push Up
TRY: Get in plank position and drape your band across your upper back. Hold the ends through each thumb (as a loop) and place your hands on the ground in starting position. From the plank, push your chest up until your arms are fully extended. Lower yourself back down with chest to the floor. Hold it there for a few seconds and repeat.


Standing Bicep Curls
TRY: Stand at starting position with feet shoulder-width apart, with your feet placed over the middle of the band. Grab a handle/end with arms down at your sides. Perform a bicep curl, and make sure that you feel a good bicep contraction. You can do a similar move for your triceps too.

Photos: Nirnit Tandukar