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10 Feb 2017
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Level 3 aims to provide the best lounge experience in the valley

Please tell us about the vision you have for Level 3.
We are striving to provide the best lounge experience in Kathmandu. We want Level 3 to be known as the coolest place in the capital to hang out. We welcome people of all age groups for a chilled-out time with good food, drinks and music. We want it to be the go-to place whether people just want to drink beer and chill with their friends, catch up with acquaintances over coffee, have a family lunch or dinner, or even have formal business meetings.

What has been your game plan so far?
To materialise our vision, we have taken many measures. To add to the cool factor, we have installed modern decor that you would typically see in sky bars in foreign countries. We are always trying to provide great service to our customers, and the effort is clearly paying off as we have many customers who keep coming back. We are a versatile establishment that is open to hosting private parties as well as business meetings. We also host occasional in-house events.

Why did you choose the terrace of Labim Mall to house your establishment? What are the advantages and disadvantages of operating on top of Labim Mall as opposed to operating in Jhamsikhel?
We chose Labim Mall as it is undoubtedly one of the best malls in Kathmandu today. We feel fortunate to have such an exclusive space to operate our lounge on. As for the advantages and disadvantages, we don’t think there are any prominent ones. A small disadvantage while operating in Jhamsikhel is that the establishments there have a lot of competition among each other. Labim too has its share of restaurants; but since every restaurant specialises in a different cuisine, there is no direct clash between the establishments here.  

Photo: Govinda Maharjan
Level 3 is still a relatively new establishment. How has the customer reception been so far?
When we opened, we were a lounge that only served drinks. It didn’t take much time for us to be known as a cool place to hang out. Over time, we started serving food as well and we have been getting positive responses. We will shortly be adding more varieties of food and drinks to our menu.

The interiors at Level 3 really stand out. Can you tell us something about your lounge’s interiors?
Our interiors are influenced by modern sky bars. We have imported electric furniture that lights up at night, and we think it does wonders for the overall lounge experience. Our couches are spacious and comfortable and nothing feels cramped. We’ve paid extra attention to the lighting at Level 3. Instead of simply switching the lights on when it gets dark, we slowly transform the setting of the place with strategically placed lights—on the ceiling, under the seating and on the tables.

How open and suitable is Level 3 for corporate meetings and private parties?
We have hosted a couple of birthday parties at Level 3 and have been approached by many for private events and corporate meetings. We are always open to host them. Our sister establishment, Privé, is a better fit for corporate meetings as it is more privé, which means private in French. Privé also has speakers and projectors set up to meet the purpose.

Level 3 is located in proximity to localities where expats reside in Kathmandu. Have you been able to reach out to that crowd?
Yes, we have a lot of expats coming to Level 3. We have received many compliments from them regarding the decor and music. They enjoy coming over whether it’s for a mid-week lounge or a weekend-drinking session.

How do you provide the overall lounge experience?
A combination of good music and service, we think, is what determines the lounge experience. We have good music throughout the time that we are open. We are aware of the effect music can have on our customers, which is why we have a carefully curated playlist that adds to the lounge experience. The environment here is very relaxing whether people want to unwind after work or pass time on a lazy day.

Please tell us about the menu at Level 3.
We serve an array of starters, soups and salads as well as light snacks such as burgers and hotdogs. We also have a fine dining menu for Privé, which primarily serves Middle Eastern cuisine in our mains and other options as well.

What is the main idea behind Privé? Is there a pretty sizable fine-dining crowd in Kathmandu?
Over the years, we have seen a lot of changes in how people go out for lunch and dinner. People are more willing to try new cuisines and don’t mind paying for it if the food is good. With Privé, we want to serve excellent food with impeccable service to cater to that sizable fine-dining crowd which, we think, definitely exists.

Why did you concentrate on Middle Eastern food? Can you tell us about the chefs at Privé?
There are very few outlets that serve Middle Eastern food in Kathmandu. We strictly serve halal meat, and there are many customers who prefer that. While there are places that serve Middle Eastern food in the city, we want to be the best among all those places. We have taken into consideration the Nepali palate and have chosen select Middle Eastern food items that we believe our customers will like. We have two chefs who have worked at Ritz Carlton, Miami, and have brought their culinary skills here to ensure authentic and quality food.

An establishment like yours can be intimidating for the middle-class crowd. How do you counteract this problem, if it is a problem?
We don’t think it has posed a problem as such. All sorts of people come and have a nice time at Level 3. We have tailored the menu in a way that it isn’t too exorbitant for the average customer. We would like to assure you that Level 3 welcomes each and every customer with open arms.

You have already gone from one establishment to two (Privé). If things go smoothly, are you thinking of getting more embedded in the restaurant/lounge sector?
We will first see how Level 3 and Privé do in the longer run. Depending on that, we may get more embedded in this sector in the future.