Playing it undercover: denim dunked down

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03 Feb 2017
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Style Alert 101! A new trend hits town, and it has all ya fellas wearing your beloved all-time favourite indigo, jean crazy denim jacket even after the temp begins to chill and drops below the freezing point
Style Alert 101! A new trend hits town, and it has all ya fellas wearing your beloved all-time favourite indigo, jean crazy denim jacket even after the temp begins to chill and drops below the freezing point. Now, just go ahead and ask how and if that wasn’t enough, just why? Well, how about we tell you to stop thinking of your cherished piece of indigo as an evergreen outerwear and treat it like a functional layer instead. Say, put it over a sweater and under that lush pea coat. Or between a dress shirt and a topcoat, for wearing your cherished denim jacket 365 days means that you’ll get even more use out of the most versatile piece you own and that you’ll break it in even faster, distressing and destroying it just the way you want.

The hip check
First things first. The quintessential denim jacket should have high armholes, snug shoulders and a torso that perfectly hugs yours. And finally and most importantly, it should hit and stay right at your hips. Thus, all in all, a denim jacket should fit like a second skin, which means it can slip right under every coat you own and throw at it.

It’s official: The denim jacket is the new cardigan
Layering up your denim jacket under a coat is a move that marched straight out of the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris into Hollywood, the high streets, the boulevards and avenues, the streets, the alleys, and now, it’s officially finding its way onto your curated wardrobe. So here’s where we teach you how to do it just right.

  • Wearing a denim jacket loose and open is a smart, non-bulky way to add a few degrees of warmth over a light sweater and under an overcoat. Only this time around make sure the coat is in wool, adorned with gold-toned buttons and preferably in a rich navy blue.

  • Dsquared2 in double duty denim? If you wish to pay your homage to the durable, sturdy fabric of fashion democracy, make sure you never leave the house until you’re dressed in it top to bottom. The only trick to it is to wear it in different washes—to break up the monotony.
  • Buttoning your denim jacket to the neck but leaving the bottom undone is a move nabbed from LA street kids and is, undoubtedly, the hippest way for you to rock your jean wherever you go. Just take it a step further by adding an oversized knitted cardigan over it.

When you’re layering up at this time of year, think seasonally. The most summery layers, say tees, tanks, or Henleys go on first. The autumnal jean jacket comes next, followed by the big ass wintry coat. Just remember that the trick with layering is fall underneath and winter on top.

And if that wasn’t enough…
The point of buying any jean jacket, or say, denim out there is to break it down over time creating a natural distressing by wearing the damn thing, in and out, a lot, whenever and wherever you can. But if you’re one of us and don’t exactly have the time nor the patience to do so, here are four quick and easy DIY steps to wear out your jean jacket in an instant.

  • Identify the parts: Don’t risk cutting at the wrong places; remember, it isn’t reversible. The goal here is to make your distressed denim jacket look natural, and the easiest way to identify where to cut it is to wear it. Then, choose parts that are bound to be naturally worn in and mark these out with chalk.
  • Cut: Slip a piece of cardboard under the area you will be cutting to protect the other side of your jean jacket. Using a penknife, cut horizontally. While sharper penknives make clean cuts, the goal here is to make it as frayed as possible. Other tools that can be used include razors and serrated knives.  
  • Rough it up: If your cuts are too clean, use a shaver or sandpaper to rough it up. For an added worn-in effect, dampen a sponge with bleach and dab at areas around the cuts. This not only lightens the denim, but also softens the fibres.
  • Wash: Throwing the jeans into the wash is the final last step. It lets the fraying become more pronounced, removes the bleach and lets the fibres settle naturally. The general rule of washing jeans, here, still comes into play: Use cold water, and if you’re using a dryer, turn the setting to low.