New zumba developments in town

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27 Jan 2017
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Zumba fitness. It goes without saying that it is one of the most popular fitness programmes globally and in Nepal as well

Zumba fans now have something new to look forward to as the energetic and vivacious International Zumba Fitness Instructor William Flores will be giving his masterclass right here in Kathmandu as part of his Asia Tour. Flores has already won the hearts of many Zumba fanatics in countries like Dubai, the US, Singapore, Mexico, Germany and France. I caught up with him for a Zumba-licious conversation.

William Flores

Flores is known for seamlessly incorporating various dance elements—ranging from modern dance, jazz and reggaeton to salsa and folkdance—in his classes. His passion for his job is evident in the way that he gives his 110 per cent in every performance and class. Flores says that as an instructor it is important that he enjoy the class so that students will have fun too. His aim for every class is to "use dance moves and music to take them into another world."

Flores’ take on Zumba

Despite the popularity of Zumba in Nepal, people here still harbour the widespread misconception that it is just another dance exercise class. "Yes, it helps if you love dancing. And I make sure to add some special dance touches to my classes,” says Flores. “However, Zumba is not just any dance class or lesson. A team of experts at the Zumba Home Office carefully selects the best appropriate music for a Zumba class, for example. Additionally, the choreography is such that the moves are targeted for specific muscle groups.” Flores says that ultimately Zumba should give you an awesome sweat session that is guaranteed to make you feel rejuvenated.

New from Zumba

With a mission to keep with the times and cater to the diverse demands of clients, Zumba has now rolled out Zumba Strong, a 60-minute high intensity interval training class that focuses on music rather than choreography. In Zumba Strong sessions, beats will be used to push you harder and challenge your fitness level. You can expect a balanced combination of cardio moves and strength training.

Nepal's Zumba community

Instructors and gyms around Nepal are constantly trying to provide something novel for interested clients. From Zumba marathons to masterclasses, it looks like 2017 is going to be a jam-packed one for our Zumba community. Flores advises the entire fraternity to continuously put in efforts in their classes and to also collaborate on hosting more events. "Just like our members, we are also learning new things and have to be open to learning from each other. Empowering one another will make their community stronger and result in more progress,” he says. 

William Flores will be conducting an exclusive Zumba Masterclass on January 28, 4pm-6pm at Hotel Annapurna. For more details and tickets, contact: 01-4373022