Dwelling on the details

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27 Jan 2017
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The difference between looking smart and dressing like a well-travelled, highly sophisticated gentleman?

The difference between looking smart and dressing like a well-travelled, highly sophisticated gentleman? It’s as simple as donning a scarf, bag and spectacles. So, don’t fret, don’t frown. Go on and give your winter wardrobe an injection of that much needed gallantry.

Fellas, looking like you mean business this winter is way easier than you think, for just a few simple style updates will do wonders for your wardrobe. With a little help from a few of our favourite fall trends, say, tweed, scarfs, bags and a pair of specs, you’ll be well on your way to embodying the fresh, modern day gentleman. So, go along and give into the details when layering your favourite outfit, and pay careful attention to the add-on extras like timepieces, gloves and footwear, and style your hair to match. Whatever you choose to put on, make sure you get the look that says you’ve arrived in time and in style.

1. A touch of class

Scarves are absolutely and most obviously a practical winter essential, but also carry an element of pageantry with them, for a man who wears a scarf isn’t only being sensible, he’s also acknowledging his sensuality.

  • Length: The longer the scarf, the more it lends itself to drama. It also allows you to style more interesting wraps. As a general rule, longer is more elegant, while shorter is more casual. With one exception: when combined with a suit, a short, thin scarf with a tassel works best.
  • Textile: The more grain in the fabric, the more appropriate the scarf is for daywear. The smoother or silkier, the more complementary it will be for occasions that call for a bit of evening elegance.
  • Print: We reserve novelty prints for street wear. Tartan is more daytime but can be read as being sophisticated with the right combination of textiles. Any plain matte, sheen, metallic, sequin or mosaic detail can work well for evening wear.
  • Colour: A bright or light shade works well in the day, but this rule isn’t as strict as the others. Depending on the season, of course, brights can be incorporated into evening wear, but if you aren’t sure, stick to your moodier shades.

Likewise, spectacles are a great way to anchor the different elements of your outfit to one particular style, which in our case generally veers towards a more academic look. A plain black pair will communicate an air of strength, discernment and wisdom, while a tortoise shell option is more eccentric, leaning towards a more creative personality type.

Finally, bags say so much about a man, and it’s just not only the style of the bag in question (a backpack says something different from a briefcase), but also the condition that it’s kept in and the quality of the design details that embellish it. Thus, a briefcase or satchel denotes someone who is meticulous, efficient and organised.

2. Getting the look

1. The Twirly Wirly
Ideal for the man on the go, this allows you to style up in a rush and keep the neck and chest warm. Place one end flat on your chest, at about navel length, then simply tie the scarf loosely around your neck once or twice.

2. The Once Over
Fold the scarf in half and drape casually over either shoulder with the two ends resting on your chest. This is the most laidback style and best suits in formal environments.

3. The Open V
While this may be the laziest way to wear a scarf and also happens to be one of the more casual wraps, it’s the only sensible way to wear it with your look. Balanced effortlessly over the back of the neck, it’s simple, accentuates the line of the outfit and doesn’t complicate your neckline

4. The All Rounder
If the occasion calls for a smart wrap, this is the one for you. It’s elegant enough to smarten up your leisurewear and discreet enough to complement a blazer, thus making it ideal for evening wear, high-society luncheons and travelling in style. Simply wrap around the neck, tie a loose knot with both ends at throat level and then fluff out the knot to give it a fuller body like an over-sized ascot.