The Race of Times

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28 Oct 2016
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There’s a wrist statement that can always be made no matter what your budget
There’s a wrist statement that can always be made  no matter what your budget 

There are as many watch collections as there are collectors, each as individual as the tastes of the collectors who have amassed them. But certain specifics to creating the perfect portfolio of time pieces do apply: usually, these have to do with the most celebrated watch brands, the most interesting models and the most sought-after functions. Collectors might seek a combination of all three variables in one watch or they could opt for pieces that represent the best expression of each. So rather than tell you fellas which watch to buy this festive season of Tihar, we’d rather we leave the choice up to you, with a helpful breakdown for those who simply can’t tell their Timexes from their Tag Heuers  

Investment Pieces

Investment watches represent the epitome of luxury and extravagance, and thus call for pieces that become heirlooms and make for the greatest of gifts to mark important life events. The key players in this range are known to offer an average of 100 years of watchmaking know-how, combined with rare finishes, scarce materials and patented movements. You’ll find the most complexity in this category of watches, with every element, from the typography to the movement (why, Swiss of course!), being of utmost importance.


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For the Fiery Fashionistas

Never ones to be outdone, fashion brands have taken it upon themselves to craft timepieces that suit a particular vision. They are imbuing their selection of materials with as much audacity as they do their more textile-heavy items, instead of relying on what traditional watchmakers go by. The result? Watches with plenty of attitude, the lustre of a respected name in style, and all the precision previously limited to watches of Swiss or French origin.


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The Everyday Companion

Finally, if you’re a newbie, this is where to begin. You don’t have to skimp on style, of course, and the great thing about watches in this category is customisation. A brand like Daniel Wellington creates a variety of straps that work with most of their watches. Just make sure you change them to suit your every mood.


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