La Route Orient: Taking the Spice Express

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23 Sep 2016
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Fellas, it is often said that you should never underestimate the power of your fragrance, for it’s what introduces you, and it’s what she’ll remember you by

Fellas, it is often said that you should never underestimate the power of your fragrance, for it’s what introduces you, and it’s what she’ll remember you by. And finally, it’s the sweet, lingering stuff that clings to your and your beloved’s pillow. And with all of us slowly beginning to anticipate the fall and steadily starting to stack up on those sweats and pullovers, it’s also about that time your fragrance said goodbye to the cool, and in its place, you need to turn up the heat this autumn 2016. Remember that you’re looking for a juice that pumps up the heavy notes like wood, musk and spice, the kind of stuff that reminds others of the masculine man you are. And make sure you keep it to just two spritzes, for too much of the potion, and you might just end up giving her and yourself a major migraine.

1. Montblanc Emblem

An embodiment of the elegance and integrity with which the German luxury goods brand has come to be known for, Montblanc Emblem stands for a delectable concoction of sage and cardamom mixed with grapefruit, concluding with the perfect dose of frozen violet leaves wrapped in cinnamon.

Fragrance group: Aromatic spicy

Main accords: Aromatic, ozonic, spicy, warm

Nose: Sonia Constant

Top notes: Cardamom, clary sage and grapefruit

Middle notes: Cinnamon and violet leaves

Base notes: Tonka bean and woody notes

2. Valentino Uomo

Resembling a bottle of fine liquor to match the amber-coloured fragrance inside, Valentino Uomo opens with bergamot and myrtle and is followed by roasted coffee, leather and cedar, making the fragrance as exquisite as it looks.

Fragrance group: Leather

Main accords: Nutty, sweet, woody

Nose: Olivier Polge

Top notes: Bergamot and myrtle

Middle notes: Chocolate, hazelnuts and roasted coffee beans

Base notes: Cedar and leather

3. Bvlgari Aqva Amara

Capturing as it does the seaside essence of the Mediterranean with natural ingredients such as Sicilian mandarin, Neroli essence, Indonesian patchouli leaves and olibanum, nothing gets as exotic as Bvlgari Aqva Amara on our curated list of the spiciest olfactory offerings.

Fragrance group: Woody aquatic

Main accords: Aquatic, balsamic, citrusy

Nose: Jacques Cavallier

Top notes: Sicilian mandarin

Middle notes: Neroli and watery notes

Base notes: Indonesian patchouli and olibanum

4. Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit

With a fresh citrus start of grapefruit and bittersweet cinnamon, followed by orange blossom and iris and finally amber, wood and incense, Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit does exactly what its name suggests: embody the fiery spirit of intense masculinity and mystery.

Fragrance group: Oriental fougere

Main accords: Amber, balsamic, cinnamon, warm

Nose: Fabrice Pellegrin

Top notes: Bergamot and cinnamon

Middle notes: Iris and orange blossom

Base notes: Amber, incense and woody notes

5. Cartier Declaration D’un Soir

By taking a unique approach to perfumery, Cartier Declaration D’un Soir opens with sandalwood, followed by a hint of rose and then goes on to introduce pepper in the potion, thus, creating a spicy, woody perfume with a sillage and longevity that remains unmatched.

Fragrance group: Floral woody musk

Main accords: Fresh spicy, rose, warm

Nose: Mathilde Laurent

Top notes: Black pepper, caraway and cardamom

Middle notes: Nutmeg and rose

Base notes: Sandalwood

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