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Nameless Gwarmari in Ason | Hunger Hunt | Season 2 | Episode 1
05 Sep 2019 1 min read
Hungerhunt is a show that helps you make peace with your cravings by showing you places all around Nepal which serve mouthwatering Nepali delicacies with a touch of humor and....
Family and Family Planning | Mic Drop | Koshish Acharya | Stand Up Comedy |
30 Aug 2019 1 min read
How long has it been since you haven't had a good laugh? We know, it's been a long time since Mic Drop Season 1. Hence, we are here with Season....
SIMBA FALLS | Untouched Waterfall in Lalitpur | Mapping Nepal
28 Aug 2019 1 min read
DO you love waterfalls? Well, you're in luck. We just discovered a beautiful one, Simba Falls. Watch this video and go visit for yourself.
Sekuwa on Oshin’s Mind | Her Favorite Sekuwa Joints
28 Aug 2019 1 min read
Oshin shares her favourite places to have sekuwa in this episode.
Making a 150 Year Guarantee Khukuri in Kathmandu! | Mapping Nepal
28 Aug 2019 1 min read
In this episode we explore the art of khukuri-making in Kathmandu with collaboration to Backstreet Academy.
Bhaktapur Food Trail
11 Jul 2019 1 min read
In this reel, we take you on yet another local food trail but this time in the city of Gods and Temples... and also food, Bhaktapur!
05 Jul 2019 2 min read
On Part II of our trek to Jaljala, we witness the amazing culture and the Mela that takes place on the night of the full moon and then go to....
Coffee Tea and Me, Yummy Laphing & Cafe de Patan | The Epic Mangalbazar Food Trail Part 2
05 Jul 2019 5 min read
Mangalbazar - the local Newari bazar next to the historic Patan Durbar Square. It's fast modern lifestyle has medieval roots with rich history and culture. Famous for its craft shops....
The Epic Mangalbazar Food Trail: Part 1
28 Jun 2019 3 min read
Mangalbazar - the heart of Patan and common hub for both Nepalis and foreigners. It’s best known for its historic Durbar Square and iconic Krishna Mandir, but it is also....
Jaljala Part 1: Best New Travel Destination
28 Jun 2019 2 min read
Jaljala is a mythical place yet untouched by tourists from Nepal and abroad. Mapping Nepal takes you to this 5 day trekking route that is blessed with natural beauty, amazing....
The BEST street food ever? Basantapur ko Buff Sekuwa
19 Jun 2019 5 min read
This is New Road - one of the oldest and busiest markets in Kathmandu. At the end of this street, there is Basantapur - a medieval palace courtyard of the....
Amazing Stories of Rolpa| Mapping Nepal
15 Jun 2019 2 min read
It's not just the destination that matters in our travels, it is also the people that add flavor to the whole journey. In this presentation, The People of Rolpa, we....