The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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15 Apr 2016
5 min read
430 words
“You have to go new places to find yourself”

“My mind was always flitting from one thing to another. Most people are afraid of change, but I love life on the move. I used to have this huge fear of missing out. I feared a static life. I have tried many things.”

“I can stitch clothes, especially good quality t-shirts. In the 90s, I worked in a garment factory, for about five years. It was a comfortable job, and the pay was more than sufficient for that time. But I didn’t want to succumb to the

“Even as a kid from a small village in Dhadhing, I would dream of being amidst people from all over the world, in a city full of lights and colours. It is both a blessing and a curse to have a heart that never settles.”

“For many years, I put off marrying and settling down because I wanted to see and experience everything there is.”

“During the insurgency, I decided to go to Qatar. Most were leaving Nepal
because of the tough circumstances here, but I just wanted to see the world outside. I was just going to be making a few thousand more anyway, cleaning leftovers in an army camp there.”

“We are bogged down by our huge luggages of ego, which restrain us from experiencing the world outside our comfort zone.”

“You have to go new places to find yourself.”

“I don’t like to make things transactional, and many don’t understand this.”

“I come from a modest family, and I can’t afford to invest too much of my time in self exploration. But that doesn’t mean I should conform to a life without meaning.”

“After I returned to Nepal in 2013, I opened this small restaurant, here in Malekhu. I specialise in fish. And the people come here because of that. I can’t tell you how many different people I meet every day. Strange new people with their strange new stories. They never fail to baffle me. I am at the the centre of it all. I no longer have this fear of missing out on things. Everything I’ve always searched for—I find in the people I meet here.”

“Oh, and I’m happily married now. A dad. And finally settled.”